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Where do I buy red tags to condemn boilers?

Jim_47 Member Posts: 244
I have "red tagged" a couple of units over the years. A steel oil boiler, burnt thru the rear wall and the homeowner puts a piece of duct work behind it to "protect" the wall. It was Saturday, I red tagged the boiler Disconnected power and removed the firematic valve.then notified the local fire chief. He called me within a week, the owner reconnected power and was holding the firematic valve open with visegrips. Family was treated locally at the hospital for CO. I never heard a word from any lawyer or court especially since I had him sign the invoice stating what I had done and the fire chief had a copy as well. Fire chief had also paid him a visit about it prior to the CO incident. BTW the same guy yelled at the local volunteer ambulance Company for taking so long to respond to his call. Protect your rear exit opening. BTW the fire chief is now a customer of mine.


  • Josh S.
    Josh S. Member Posts: 9
    Where do I buy red tags to condemn boilers?

    Where can I find Red Tags to condemn boilers??? I haven't been leaving a tag on the boiler itself after I red tag them, but I have seen other contractors leave custom made carbon copy red tags and I would like to order some. Any clues on where to look would be great. Thanks
  • lee_7
    lee_7 Member Posts: 458

    Try your local printing company, they should be able to help. We also write directly on condemmed unit in paint pens, condemmed unit, date , time, and reason. The paint pens are hard to remove and another contractor will see it. Where as the little red tag might disappear like the brake lights on your truck, if the customer thinks you are scamming them.
  • Rick_86
    Rick_86 Member Posts: 19
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  • mikea23
    mikea23 Member Posts: 224

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  • Norm Harvey
    Norm Harvey Member Posts: 684

    You have to love the anonymity and the "you cant touch me" attitude that people have over the internet.

    I personally like ot imagine that anything I say on the net, as saying it in a bar to someones face.

    All I can say is some of the things I read on here lately would start a brawl were I in that bar.

    Let's try to keep things civil shall we?

    - norm
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  • Ken Field
    Ken Field Member Posts: 127
    National Comfort Institute

    is where we get them. Check on their web site. They may require you to attend their training before they sell the tags but I'm not sure. They also have a Yellow tag.

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  • Paul Pollets
    Paul Pollets Member Posts: 3,509
    red tags

    In the state of WA, only an inspector from the local "administrative authority" or the gas utility, can red tag or shut down a boiler. You may call the local inspector to advise of a severe violation, or you can close the gas valve to the appliance, but not shut down the meter unless the gas piping is leaking.

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  • Ray_14
    Ray_14 Member Posts: 17

    Fill out an invoice stating you have shut the unit down due to the reason(s) and have the customer sign it. That keeps everything legit and puts all the blame on the homeowner. CYA.

  • Rick_86
    Rick_86 Member Posts: 19
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  • That homeowner

    Mr. Heat,

    That homeowner personifies the old saying "You Just Can't Fix Stupid".

    Glad to see no one hooked you on that one.

  • Keith_39
    Keith_39 Member Posts: 2
    Red tags

    well we don't have red tags per se but I will tell you that all of our sales slips and flat rate contracts have clauses in them that assign us the right to disable any equipment that we feel is operating unsafely. we are absolved from any responsibility by the homeowner and we are free to walk away if he doesn't want to do business with us further. Obviously the homeowner signs something before we ever start working in the house.
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