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Mueller Milk Coolers again!

Looks like low load and low ambient temps to me.

What are they using to keep the evaporator temps up when the ambient temps are low?

Now that we're talking milk I'm going to go get some cookies.LOl.

Thanks for sharing Don.


  • ddlong1286@yahoo.com
    [email protected] Member Posts: 139

    Hi all,

    Checked a bulk milk cooler today. Complaint is slow cooling. Drops temp about 1 degree every 15 minutes.

    First Cond, believe it is the side or top unit in the tank.
    44F in tank when arrived. 47lbs lo, 155lbs liquid, 68F liquid line at subcooling txv bulb, 19.4 A, 45F ambient.

    Added 3/4 r22. 42F tank, 44lbs lo, 160lbs liquid line, 69F liquid line temp, 19.9 A, 135F discharge line temp. Sorry did not have before adding r22.

    Other unit on tank, believe bottom coil in tank. 42F tank, 50lbs lo, 165lbs liquid line, 80F liquid line, 28 A, 140F discharge line.

    I believe the discrepency in readings tank level of milk below half full, therefore not as much load on side coil.
    I did pump down the first unit to see if valves hold. Took a long time, but shut off 5 inches vac. and held.

    If comp valves shot, should get higher suction press. But this is a subcooling valve, not the standerd txv superheat valve. May also be undercharged?

    Looking for opinions, will check unit again in Morning and will need to tell owner what could be wrong. Will probably recover charge and see if it is short. System is 5 HP comp. and holds 19 lbs.

    I believe the second cond. is ok.

    Still recovering from Fri all niter above.
  • blackoakbob
    blackoakbob Member Posts: 248
    It has been....

    a very long time, but if I'm not mistaken the coils for this tank are side by side not top and bottom, so the load should be equal on each evap. You can adjust the charge of the one to get close to the other, sub cooling across the condenser is key to the this style unit. They do work very well. A clean condenser and adequate air flow is promary to efficient operation. Sorry I can't be more helpfull, but like I said it has been years since that sweet farm smell has permeated my clothes and truck.Best regards, Don
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