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Buderus and Viessmann boilers

tom_49 Member Posts: 269
John, We do lots of houses in eastern Mass. that are that size. I went back and looked up the calcs for houses similar to yours. They avg. 41,000 btu/hr. loss.

Dont oversize your boiler, it will cost you more now and FOREVER in fuel costs. I got 156 gallons of #2 delivered this AM, $496.00 ouch.........

I have installed 1 of the Vitodens 100. I like it so far. Easy to set up and several venting options, I just wish they came smaller than 80,000 btus. You add your own outdoor reset control. Put in LOTS of high output BB or CI for that matter. Run lowest temps possible.


  • Buderus and Viessmann boilers

    Not being all that knowledgeable with HVAC issues... for a new 2,400 sq ft house in Massachusetts I'm building....from some research... I'm considering either a Buderus GB142 or a Viessmann Vitodens 100. I've been told the heat loss BTU is 92,000. Does one of these boilers seem like they would be good choice? I'd be using the boiler for hot water baseboard home heating and also using it with an indirect vented hot water heater for domestic hot water.

    thanks for your help/suggestions.
  • singh
    singh Member Posts: 866

    "It depends" may be the answer.

    First and foremost, choose a unit your installer is familiar with, and willing to warranty and service.

    Both are excellent units, IMO. However, but I have no experience with the Vitodens.
    I have about a dozen GB 142's in the field , and no problems yet. 3+ years the oldest.
    I would check the exhaust requirments, I'm not sure how far the Vitodens can be vented distance wise, and does that pose a problem for you.
    The GB is quick to pipe with the pre-built secondary header, and may save you some labor costs. It also has outdoor reset control.
    Make sure water quality is not an issue, with either unit, and the GB requires the appropiate glycol if used.

    Not a concern with the baseboard, try to add more than needed, and lower system fluid temperatures, for greater boiler effciency.

    Good Luck with your project, and Happy New Year

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  • Thank you for the (quick) replies. Regarding the 92,000 btu heatloss figure... one bid I had received used that figure. When I said i'm basing the system on heating a 2,400 sf house... I did not include the basement, as that will be heated as the square footage (including the basement) would be more like 3,800 square feet. I was originally going to have a chimney and use a system that vented out the chimney (the bid from a contractor included using a weil mclain GV5 boiler). To cost reduce the overall build price, I will not put in a fireplace nor a chimney.... so I'm looking at direct vented units..thinking about the buderus or the viessman. I like the fact that the Viessmann has a stainless steel heat exchanger.
  • PS_3
    PS_3 Member Posts: 28
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    Many capable contractors here in MA are listed under the Find A Pro. They can help you put together an efficient system using oil or gas and a variety of boilers, emitters, etc. Look under the Resources tab at the top of the page.
  • heat loss

    Thanks all for the follow ups. Perhaps the original contractor that provided a bid miscalculated on the heat loss, or I could have (possibly) misunderstood. At any rate... I'll do a bit more research in that area, perhaps get another bid with a new heat loss calculation. At this point, after finding out more about the Viessmann boilers and their company in general (and their mission statements having to do energy conservation and energy efficient products)... I am probably going to go with their boiler. Just need to find a contractor in my area that has good experience with installing and servicing their products.
    Thanks again for your help.
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