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radiant cooling....any success stories?

Jay at Dahl Santa Fe (New Mexico) designed and installed at least one radiant cooling system. It was featured on the cover of an industry magazine (maybe Contracting Business?) about a year ago. I'm sure he'd love to talk about it. You could google Dahl Santa Fe and go from there to try to reach him. One thing for sure, you have to have an extremely dry climate, as New Mexico is.


  • abd_2
    abd_2 Member Posts: 1
    radiant cooling...any success stories

    Plan new home construction on slab. ALso plans to heat via radiant in floor. Have read where I can also cool, as long as I control humidity...and humidity can be controlled via ventilation.
    is this most theory or does it really work. If so, who are some examples. Where does one go for consultation? From Tn and I can't radiant contractors. Anyone know someone?
  • chapchap70_2
    chapchap70_2 Member Posts: 147

    Here is an old thread on the subject.

    Bob Gagnon installed it in his home.
  • Tim Doran_4
    Tim Doran_4 Member Posts: 138
    Done a few

    I have designed over 100 radiant cooling systems to date. Many are up and running and the balance are in the works. All commercial spaces at this point. Residential is possible but may not be practicle. Give me a call if you would like to have a discussion. 631-537-5790

    Tim D.
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