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Steam radiant ceiling!

WV EGBERT_2 Member Posts: 98
Hard to tell, Are those runs threaded on to the "manifolds" or welded. If threaded, how did they manage that without unions?

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  • Norm Harvey
    Norm Harvey Member Posts: 684

    I was doing an installation for a friend that lives out of my normal service area, and of course, I needed a crucial part that I "thought" I had on my van. I went to the nearest supply house "Supply new-England" in Pawtucet, RI and instantly upon walking through the door I was frozen in my tracks awe struck by the steam radiant ceiling.

    This building and system is over a hundred years old, and from the day it was built served as a supply house for the industry. Trains would come by the railroad tracks out back, and unload product intot he supply house.

    This system is beautifull! Over a hundred years ago this work was done to showcase to contractors the possibilities of what could be done with steam, and today it still is.

    Here is a couple videos that I took:

    http://www.newcastleadornments.com/Pawtucket Steam 007.MOV

    http://www.newcastleadornments.com/Pawtucket Steam 008.MOV

    This is a video (I dont know why I was talking in it... I'll never do that again) is of the hundred year old elevator that serviced the basement to the second floor for moving boilers and parts around the storage areas.
    http://www.newcastleadornments.com/Pawtucket Steam 015.MOV

    I have a ton of still photos, but the videos say more I think. here is a shot of one manifold with the manufacturer stamp
    http://www.newcastleadornments.com/Pawtucket Steam 016.jpg

    I am a guage nut, and I loved this old vacuum/pressure guage on the original boiler, which is still in service by the way!!
    http://www.newcastleadornments.com/Pawtucket Steam 022.jpg

    I'm only thirty, so this isnt saying much, but this is the best steam thing I've seen in my life,.. I am in love with the system, the history, and the thoughts of the dead men who installed it. I am proud of their work, and I bet they are as well.

    - Norm Harvey

    Independent Burner Service

    Weymouth, MA
    "We see the world as WE are, not as IT is, because it is the "I" behind the EYE that does the seeing"
  • Norm Harvey
    Norm Harvey Member Posts: 684

    Threaded, and they used Right and left couplings

    http://www.newcastleadornments.com/Pawtucket Steam 010.jpg

    "We see the world as WE are, not as IT is, because it is the "I" behind the EYE that does the seeing"
  • Jim Bennett
    Jim Bennett Member Posts: 607
    Nice pipe radiators!

    I've seen quite a few pipe radiators, but none piped so nicely! Looks all original, no signs of repair.

    I noticed all the real, not merchant couplings used. Real pride in workmanship.

    These videos belong in the "Video" section of this site. (Under Resources)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Jim Bennett
  • Steamhead (in transit)
    Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688
    Server down?

    can't get the videos to load.....

    EDIT- they're working now.

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