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bulk milk coolers

A big thank you to Terry!!

Here are the pictures I took today. Hopefully my describtions will now make sense.

I will go back tomorrow and take better pics and do some adustments.

Don in Mo


  •[email protected] Member Posts: 139
    Mojonnier Brothers milk cooler

    Anyone have info on Mojonnier Brothers bulk milk cooler? I looked at one this morning and would like to know how to charge it. I am assuming it is a flooded evap. It has a cylinder with a site glass in the side at the inlet and outlet of the tank. Was told that the site glass should be half full. They have R-414b in it. I am going to remove the suction line drier and fix the leaks.

    Model 800v
    Serial 10954

    Any info would be appreciated!

    Don in MO
  • S EbelsS Ebels Member Posts: 2,322
    Milk coolers

    Definitely a horse of a different color when it comes to refrigeration. A lot of guys in the ref/AC business won't touch 'em because they are nearly all flooded evaps and specs for them can be hard to get. I haven't had any experience with the brand you're looking at, mostly DeLaval and Mueller. Superheat is critical on all of 'em and is the only way to accurately and correctly charge with refrigerant.
    Try googling the company and see what pops up. If I had to guess, I'd bet that thing is OLD, REALLY OLD.

    Edit: My brother in law operates a dairy service and supply company and I remember a couple of his guys discussing one of these that they were trying to find specs for. I'll ask one of them tomorrow if I get a chance.
  •[email protected] Member Posts: 139
    Bulk Milk cooler Mojonnier

    Thanks Steve,

    Customer called tonite and said to fix it up. Will do the best we can with what we have and go from there. If you do find out anything, please call me at 660-651-9825.

    I did find the company that bought out Mojonnier, but they could not tell me anything about the milk coolers, only carbo coolers. The company had moved from Chicago long ago.
    The tag did say Chicago 44 Illinois. Don't know if that is an old address or what! I would love a wall for refrigeration like Dan has for hydronic heating! To be able to read why and how something was designed is invaluable when you are trying to resurrect from the dead!!

    I am taking pictures tomorrow and will post tomorrow nite if not sooner.

    Thanks all

    Don in Mo
  • Eugene SilbersteinEugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380
    Milk Coolers

    I think the man to refer this one to is our own TECHMAN, Terry. He does a ton of really interesting and unique refrigeration systems. I will contact him today and ask that he pay the Wall a visit, although I'm quite certain that he will be poking around real soon as usual.
  •[email protected] Member Posts: 139
    The Wall

    What I meant about the wall is acually the Library. How many times do you get told something is obselete, but still in working order and would be able to stay that way if you had some info?!

    I know that everything has a life span, but there are times when it would be nice to save equipment for posterity.

    Don in MO
  • TechmanTechman Member Posts: 2,144
    Bulk Milk Coolers

    Hi Don Hi Professor.Happy Holidays!!!!!!!I have some info ,so I'll call and see if this is any help.Then we will fill the wall in !
  •[email protected] Member Posts: 139
    More Pictures

    Hi all,

    I got some more pics today. Fired up the unit and doulble checked some readings. 26 lbs suction, 33F suction temp at comp. 175 lbs liquid, 165 lbs after removing plasic from condenser to let air thru. Liquid line site glass still bubbles, but believe from lack of air flow. Single cond fan with only 4 of 6 blades remaining. Customer to replace when gets more money!

    Tank site glass half full. Hopefully these pics help explain what I have been working on. After talking to Terry, I believe the metering device is a float type, Hi or low side don't know still!

    After talking to the customer some more this afternoon I believe I won't have to work on it again if something major happens. He told me that this tank is too large(800 gallons), he only needs a 500 gal tank. Says He can get one at an auction for around $500. Apparantly the scrap metal would be more valuable than the working machine! He also told me that he just started Dairy farming. Learning as he goes!

    Any other info I can get anyone?

    Don in Mo
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