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How to wire stack damper

I recently purchased a Field Stack Damper for my gas Utica Boiler with an S8600M ignition module. The damper did not come with a wiring harness, though I can purchase one easily. What I need to know is how to wire up the damper motor into the system. The damper did come with a manual, and has black, orange, yellow, and brown wires. To what should these wires be connected? My system, in addition to the ignition module and gas valve, has a LWCO, a Pressuretrol, and of course a thermostat all included in the wiring (though I'd like to also include a vaporstat in the system as well- so advice on how to incorporate that wiring would also be welcomed!).

Thanks for the help!!



  • David, I will put a

    wiring diagram together and get it to you.
  • Here we go David

    1. Feed 24 volts direct from the transformer "R" terminal (hot)to terminal #1 (Brown) on the damper.

    2. Also take 24 volts from "R" and go through the Thermostat, LWCO and pressuretrol to #2 (orange) on the damper.

    3. #4 (Black) on the damper goes to the "C" terminal on the transformer.

    4. #3 (yellow) goes to terminal 24V on the S8600M

    5. Terminal 24V Gnd on the S8600M to "C" on the transformer.

    That should do it.

    If you are going to use a vaporstat just wire it in place of the presuretrol.
  • David_52
    David_52 Member Posts: 30
    Thanks, Tim & Additional wiring questions for anyone

    (This message has been edited- noticed two errors after posting that have now been changed in diagram and questions that follow)

    Attached is a diagram of how my system is currently wired, as well as a picture of the actual wiring arrangement. In the picture, the wires that come into the junction box from the right are from the S8600M, transformer, and thermostat. From the left is the pressuretrol and LWCO (and damper, eventually!).


    1. After my first version of this post, I realized that I've been locked in an "electrician's mindset" and that the color of the wire seems to have nothing to do with the circuit- that the circuit should run from the transformer to various devices and then back to the transformer. Is my thinking on that correct?

    2. If that's the case, I'm confused about my wiring (which works, btw) in the attached (and revised) diagram. Shouldn't the wire from the "R" terminal on the transformer run through the thermostat, pressuretrol, and LWCO (and damper in the future) before going to the ignition module and then back somehow to the transformer?

    3. Given the way that my system is wired, is it ok to make your suggested connections on the wire nuts depicted in the picture? For example, to connect the brown to transformer hot is it ok to put the brown wire in the same wire nut as the existing connection between the "R" terminal of the transformer and wire connecting that terminal to the thermostat?

    4. If not, how would I make those and other connections?

    5. If it is ok, does it matter where the wire is in the sequence? For example, you suggested to wire the orange wire after the thermostat, LWCO, and pressuretrol that come from the transformer hot- would it matter where in that sequence it is wired?

    Thanks again,
  • David I emailed you

    a diagram.
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