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Kriwan Copeland Protectors

Hi Don,

These have been running since 97. Direction is fine. They are starting, just the module is shutting them off. I don't think that they are overloaded, I believe the comp would have to run longer to heat up the sensors in the motor, or be at locked rotor amps longer before it would shut off.

I will be going there tomorrow, unless of course it rains.

Don in Mo


    [email protected] Member Posts: 139
    Problems with Copeland Protectors

    Hi all,

    Been checking out some AAON units, 6-60 ton with 4 Scroll ZR16M3-TWD compressors with Kriwan motor protectors. 24v control. The protectors open when the comp are started. Comp bump start then off. These units had not been running, the only heat in the comp was the crankcase heaters. Some would start, but the majority would not. Some reset after 30 minutes, others did not.

    Anyone seen problems with this setup? The unit is 460 volt. Sec. voltage is 24v, not 24+ as in most units. Suggestions, opinons?

    Don in MO
  • don_185
    don_185 Member Posts: 312
    Whats up

    Hi Don it seen you run across alot of different stuff in your travels.

    I would check startup amps,safety and rotation on the compressor.What amps draw is your protector set at?

    Sound like a few of them may be seize and sometime just reversing rotation will help.However keep in mind that on scroll the comp wil not pump if they are truning the wrong

    Happy hunting.

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