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Jim Bergmann

Jim,I got a advertisement on the testo 523.Thinking about
getting one.

Just wanted to comment on the picture.

The guys charging a unit that the service door is up againist the wall.Also the unit sets under a overhang that
I'm sure the testo is showing high head along with little to no subcooling.LOL

Just wondering, why did you all choose that picture to promote your product?


  • Jim Bergmann
    Jim Bergmann Member Posts: 24

    Marketing department, besides, I am sure that they wanted to show a typical installation.
  • don_185
    don_185 Member Posts: 312
    great answer

    Great answer Jim.

    Does the 523 display subcool/superheat temps at the same time?

  • Jim Bergmann
    Jim Bergmann Member Posts: 24
    Testo 523

    The 523 only displays one at a time. To do both you would need a 556 or 560. Most times however we charge by superheat or subcooling and monitor the pressures or saturation temps to make sure both sides are working properly at the same time. If you are charging a TXV system by subcooling, you are making a measurement at the outlet of the condenser and the TXV is maintaining evaporator SH. So doing both at the same time you would be measuring total superheat at the condensing unit. If it is a fixed system, we do not know what the subcooling should be. Hence the need for only one probe. With the 556/560, we use a wireless probe to measure the evaporator superheat at the evap coil while working at hte condensing unit.
  • don_192
    don_192 Member Posts: 45
    Thanks Jim

    Remote sensor sounds good.Could have used it yesterday on a expansion valve install.Having to travel up three flight of stairs and one more to get in attic to check evaporator superheat, stinks.

    So it appears the 560 would be money well spent.

    What meter would you reccomend for measuring wetbulb temps,dewpoint, yadda,yadda?
  • Jim Bergmann
    Jim Bergmann Member Posts: 24
    RH meter

    Testo 605 h-2 or wireless, Testo 625 wireless
    The 605 h2 will only do DB, RH and WB, the 625 will do WB, DB, DP, and RH It is a good one for the attic jobs, and the wireless probes will work with any other wireless instrument. This guy stocks them, but you can also get them through a Johnstone, Sid Harvey, ect, but they may have to order them.

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