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Set back controller

Gerry MayGerry May Posts: 22Member
If you have part numbers for the honeywell and/or taco reset controls with low temperature mixing and DHW priority, let me know....I'd like to research these controls...
Good thing about tekmar is that all the wiring ties into one enclodsure instead of using separate relays,boxes,etc. simpler installation.


  • Barry_6Barry_6 Posts: 13Member
    set back controller

    I'd like to install a set back controller on a Burnham 2PV boiler. I have a hybrid system. The boiler feeds 2 radient loops, 3 baseboard loops and an indirect domestic all off a 1" primary loop. I've tried to conserve energy by setting the boiler temp to what the weather forcasts predict but more often than not the system isn't set high enough to keep the house warm or the house over heats at the end of a cycle. Any suggestions for dependable controllers?
  • Gerry MayGerry May Posts: 22Member

    Check out .They have all sorts of controls for different applications. Depending on how much you want to spend, but you should put in a mixing device to provide a lower supply water temperature to the radiant loops. You don't say how many individual zones you have. Check out the Essays on their website first. It'll tell you about the Characterized Heating curves that they use. (It's a comlex Algorithm). If you have more than 2 zones, you should consider the tN4 networked system. The 422 Reset Control can do 2 different water temperatures along with indirect DHW and operate a mixing device. You can choose thermostats for the applications required such as cooling, HRV,etc.

    Good Luck
  • carol_3carol_3 Posts: 397Member

    Are you asking about outdoor reset? If yes, of course there's tekmar. There are also simpler and less expensive outdoor reset controls, for example by Honeywell and Taco.
  • carol_3carol_3 Posts: 397Member

    The Honeywell mixing reset control is the AQ675. To read about it, go to When you get there, immediately scroll down to the bottom right corner. There, enter the number AQ675 in the little white box. When the next page comes up, click on the work pdf at the left side of the page. I don't know what Taco's product number is. you might try their website
  • DerheatmeisterDerheatmeister Posts: 959Member
    Old school Reset?

    I seen this maybe 10 years ago, i think it was a Honeywell Control that had two capillary tubes (One from the Outside, one from inside) and this was hooked up to a timer too. is this control still available thru Honeywell.
  • Ron DRon D Posts: 14Member
    Homeowner question on Outdoor Reset

    Are outdoor resets for hot water systems only, or can they work on one-pipe steam systems? The information I am reading suggests they control water temperature, which makes me wonder if thay can work on steam...or is there an equivelent control for a steam system?


  • carol_3carol_3 Posts: 397Member

    Yes, it's the T475. Still available.
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