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How about a $19.95 Air Conditioner Inspection?

Some, not most think this is a GREAT DEAL. I have told customers in the past that I will not get out of bed for $19.95...All kidding aside, I have been told that I am to hi and my response is always " My work comes with warranties and My price never goes up/ and it never comes down. This all meanning that this service is what I charge, I will back my work, slap a warranty on it, and If you have a problem, I am there to honor my service. I am not shy to tell customers the truth about their equipment and take a no Bull SH-- approach to any potential problem. I inform them on what I see, what I think will go wrong and best of all,..."I love saying the system is in great shape and showing all my measurements to back it up.

Mike T.


  • Eugene Silberstein
    Eugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380
    $19.95 rip-off!

    How about the $19.95 air conditioning rip-off?

    John Hall's post about the $19.95 furnace inspection reminds me that is time for my local air conditioning ripoff artist to start sending out his annual fliers for his $19.95 air conditioning system start-up service.

    Of course, this fee is limited to WINDOW UNITS ONLY!

    What does he do for $19.95?

    Glad you asked!

    1 - He checks the cooling level. In plain English, he puts his hand in front of the supply and says "Yep, it's cooling!"

    2 - He cleans the filter. Of course, if you want a new filter, that's $10.00 extra.

    3 - He'll oil the motor for you. That is of course, only if your unit is in a sleeve and the chassis slides out for easy access.

    4 - He'll check the system in all modes of operation. In English, he pushes buttons to see if the thing turns on and off.

    5 - He will completely vacuum out the unit for you. That is of course, only if your unit is in a sleeve and the chassis slides out for easy access.

    6 - He'll check the refrigerant level in your system. In English, if there is cold air blowing from the unit, there is enough refrigerant in the system.

    Wow... and all of this for only $19.95...

    Here's the real kick in the pants.

    This guy prays on the elderly by telling them that they have a bad fan motor or a bad compressor. He then removes the unit to his shop for "repair" and then returns the unit a few days later.

    I got a call one day from an elderly lady who was confused about the bill she received from this guy and asked that I stop by to look at it. She wrote the guy a check when he did the work and, I guess, that after the fact, she started to doubt the validity of the work he did. Since I've known this lady for over 30 years I stopped by. Here's the bill:

    Air conditioning service: $19.95

    Found unit short of refrigerant.

    Added refrigerant to the system.

    4 pounds of R-22: $96.00

    Total charges: $115.95 plus tax

    Well, I slid the unit out of the sleeve and found the unit perfectly sealed. There was not a sign that the refrigerant circuit had been accessed. All brazed joints were factory. No signs of a line tap valve being installed (you need to pput one on temporarily to get the existing refrigerant out).

    There have also been other incidents where this guy charged a customer for a new compressor and, yes, you guessed it, the compressor was changed with one that exactly resembled the old one, dust and dirt patterns and all! All this for the bargain basement price of $349.00. Yes, this customer was also elderly and, as a matter of fact, she had her fan motor "replaced" the year before by the same guy.

    I called him on the phone a couple of times after these incidents but, as you might have guessed, have gotten nowhere.

    So, in case you are reading this, Mr. ______________, I'm gonna be watching you this spring!
  • John Mills_5
    John Mills_5 Member Posts: 935

    we're the highest in town at that price and we can't keep up each summer!
  • don_156
    don_156 Member Posts: 87
    That guy

    will always get whats coming to him.At that price he will
    only attract cheap customer.

    Something from nothing leaves nothing its as simple as that.

    I once work for a company many years ago that would run ac special for 29.99 plus two pound of freon included.
    I dont know how many time I had a customer T off because they did not need the freon or I did not leave it there for them.
    Then they would demand a discount off of the 29.99 ac special.

    Everytime I see these special being ran in the paper a smile come across my face because I realize that this guy and his customer were made for each other.

    What market are you in!
  • Eugene Silberstein
    Eugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380
    Very True

    Very true Don.

    My sentiments exactly.
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