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Wet test kit help please

scrook_2 Member Posts: 610

In particular:
10-7047 Refill kit (fluid, top gasket, screws, filter mat'l)
11-0021 Diaphragm

Call'm at 724-334-5051 for a local distributor


  • Bernie Riddle_2
    Bernie Riddle_2 Member Posts: 178
    Wet test help

    I just got a bacharach wet test kit from out of a van in a local junk yard 30$. The kits complete but the co2 fyrite tester is missing its fluid and the diaphragm has a hole in it. The question I have is how much fluid is needed on a fresh fill? The fyrite is a 0-20% co2. And also is there anywhere on long island that stocks fluid and the diaphragm? Thanks Mike
    CONFUSED_5 Member Posts: 8

    Try any Sid Harvey's.

    You can't swing a dead cat on Long Island without hitting one.

    They have their own store brand refill/repair kit and it's considerably cheaper than the factory kit.
  • Bernie Riddle_2
    Bernie Riddle_2 Member Posts: 178
    OK but is one bottle enough?

    Thanks I saw granger had kit but i will go to sids its close to me will one bottle be enough? Thanks jim and scrook
    CONFUSED_5 Member Posts: 8
    Wet Kit

    Yes, their rebuild kit has a premeasured bottle that will adequately refill a fyrite.

    It should also have a diaphragm, and the top O-ring included.

    If your kit has been sitting too long, you may want to check the rubber plunger up top. If it's dry rotted, it will leak fluid and also will mess up your readings.

    After your rebuild, turn the gizmo upside down for a while to check your seals.

    Wear juice proof gloves because the test fluid is nasty on the skin.

    Thanks for using instruments!

  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    pick up another lash up for Carbon monoxide

    while you are about it , really it is calculable buh,... think of it as a fancy calulator with blue juice :)
    read all the fine print ...
    Weezbo *~/:)
  • Bernie Riddle_2
    Bernie Riddle_2 Member Posts: 178

    I went to sid harveys get test kit with all new rubber and liquid. I cleaned and rebuilt every thing and all is good. 30$ from junk yard 45$ for rebuild kit = 75$ like new wet test kit. Thanks again guys
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