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draining water from oil heat burners

i might recommmend your handy dandy local oilheat serviceman, who may have the right tools and experience for the job. the variables and possible idiosyncrasies to each system warrant a proffesional.

They call me "Hot Pipe"


  • Eric_28
    Eric_28 Member Posts: 1
    draining water from oil heat burners

    Im in the process of fixing up and painting my house and need to disconnect my radiators from the lines in order to paint behind them. I know that the water has to be drained from the lines in order to do this but am not familiar with the procedeure. I will also need to know the procedeure for reconnecting the radiators and running the water back up to them to get everything back to normal. Can anyone help?
  • frank_25
    frank_25 Member Posts: 202
    Hot Pipe is right

    We could go on and on about this, asking how many connections on the rads? what kind of vent if any, drain the system or not, find the boiler feed valve, electric disconnect, don't squeeze the spud nuts, etc. Pay a service charge and get it done. For your peace of mind you'll thank me.
  • What about a hotdog.........................

    roller, it's the size of a hotdog and about 18" long. You wouldn't need to remove them at all, just a idea.
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