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Radiator vent noise

Glen_7 Member Posts: 82

Thank you for your response. I'm afraid I don't have the technical knowledge to answer about EDR. The boiler is oil fired but was originally coal fired, so I am sure it is over rated, but I can't quote numbers. I'll check about the hissing before or after the mains closing. It's a long distance from the second and third floors to the basement, so once they start hissing up there I'll need to do a little sprinting.


  • Glen_7
    Glen_7 Member Posts: 82
    Radiator vent noise

    After reading Dan's book, and with the help of many of the people on this site, I decided my mains needed better venting than the single Hoffman on each. I installed 3 Gorton #2 valves on each using 3/4" pipe and tees. The mains seem to vent quickly now. I had also assumed this would cut down on the amount of work the individual radiator vents would be doing. I replaced all of the old vents with various Gorton numbers depending on the room comfort,etc. I'm balanced pretty well I think but some of the vents, not all, still are noisy. It's mainly the sound of the air working itself out. Any ideas?

    Thanks. You guys have been great.
  • thfurnitureguy_4
    thfurnitureguy_4 Member Posts: 398

    The main vents are only getting steam to all of the rads at the same time. once they close all the venting is done through the radiators. Gorton radiator vents are noisey but they vent like crazy. If you have one in a quiet place try a hoffman 1A. not as fast but a little quieter.
  • Fred Harwood
    Fred Harwood Member Posts: 261
    Vent noise

    You're headed for the sweet spot, but not quite there. Well vented mains are key, but when they close, the rads will hiss if the boiler is overfired and the extra energy quickly builds pressure. Do the rad vents hiss before or after the main vents close?

    What's the burner cycle time (on to on again) and what's the total radiator EDR relative to the boiler EDR rating?
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