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Steam heating boiler used for health club steam sauna

ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
Dosn't sound very healthy ...

This should have a steam generator designed for a steam room with proper controls and safteys. This place sounds like a liabilty waiting to happen.

How about scaulding ?? Either tell them to install the proper equipment or RUN.


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  • RonGeorge
    RonGeorge Member Posts: 1
    Steam Heating Boiler for Health Club Steam Sauna

    I have been called to look at a problem at a health club where a 250,000 btu/h water tube steam boiler was installed to provide steam to a steam sauna that measured about 10 feet by 10 feet by 8 feet high.

    There was no temperature controls on the steam system, they simply had an on/off switch that was not accessible to the users and when I asked the maintenance man how they controlled the temperature in the steam sauna he said when they complain it is too hot, they go into the mechanical room and adjust a 1-1/2 inch ball valve to close down the flow of steam on the steam pipe that goes thru the wall into the steam room.

    I checked the boiler controls and they had a pressure switch on the outlet header set at 8 PSI steam with a 3 psi
    differential switch setting. There was a seperate high pressure limit switch that was set at 13 PSI. The steam header pressure gauge measured 6 PSI when the burner came on and 11 PSI when the burner cycled off.

    Is there a code or design standard that would require a temperature sensor and steam control valve for this application or is it acceptable to use the pressure switch on the boiler for control of the temperature in this application?

    Most small steam sauna boiler have a temperature sensor located in the room that shut down the boiler or controls a steam control valve. Is there and design criteria or a design standard that would apply to this installation?
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