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Pilot Light Tube Cut

jeff_51 Member Posts: 545
you can just get a compression coupling and install where he cut it. Around here you have to buy 50 feet of alum tubing at a time. you can of course get a short piece of the copper (as previously mentioned) at the home center


  • JIMBO_2
    JIMBO_2 Member Posts: 127
    Pilot Light Tube Cut

    I have never had to do this before, so . . . the pilot light tube has been cut (by an idiot) can I simply cut another piece of tube, bend it to fit and attach it? Or do I have to order another pilot light assembly from Weil Mclain? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot. It's a 1979 Weil Mclain gas-fired hot water boiler.
  • Bob Harper
    Bob Harper Member Posts: 1,026
    pilot tubing

    Most I've seen are aluminum with compression fittings. Make a clean cut, deburr, new fittings, and tighten. Check very closely for low level gas leak, preferrably with a good sniffer then a non-corrosive test solution. Give it plenty of time.

    Follow up: Why was it cut and is there collateral damage?
  • jim lockard
    jim lockard Member Posts: 1,059
    Alum. tubing

    1/4 inch Alum. pilot tubing you can find at a HVAC supply house. You can use 1/4 copper tubing the gas does not care, but its harder to work. Check twice for leaks. Best Wishes J.Lockard
  • JIMBO_2
    JIMBO_2 Member Posts: 127

    Thanks for asking, Bob. Believe it or not, it was cut by a Keyspan employee. When they swapped-out the old gas meter for a new one, they had to relight the pilots for the hot water heater and the boiler. Naturally, right. Well there was a "flood," a back-up in the corner in front of the boiler, but not the water heater. He lit the water heater, but told my tenant there was a problem of sorts when lighting the boiler's pilot. This wasn't mentioned to me until the other day, because no one used the boiler during the summer. Exactly WHY he'd cut the pilot light tube is, well, totally beyond my comprehension. Can I prove it? No. Was anyone else down in the basement since then, no. Other than the wife doing laundry. So I'll have to fix it . . . .
  • darin_2
    darin_2 Member Posts: 12

    Don't use copper with natural gas. Flakes will develope and restrict the pilot oriface. If you have the real tiny tube, quarter inch tube and compression fittings will work if u can find them(home depot won't have the crush fittings.)
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