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Ignition Problem

I am having a problem with my 30 year Weil Mclain natural gas boiler. I have had my local gas provider over about 6 times between December 04 and March 05. In December 04 I smelled gas, they came in and replaced the gas valve. Subsequently they have changed the pilot head, cleaned the burners and ran a ground wire from the pilot head and grounded it at the flame sensor mounting screw. ( G 60 PAK has not been changed ) Shortly after the initial gas vavle replacement I started to get a clicking noise when the thermostat call for heat. And now the clicking has gotten to a point where it takes sometimes as many as 10-18 clicks before the flame is ignited. I have another appointed with the gas company on November 16th and wanted to have some incite of what could be wrong and would appreciate any thoughts you might have. Also, what setting should my thermostat anticipator be. Hope this falls under your realm of expertise. Thank you.


  • darin_2
    darin_2 Member Posts: 12

    Your driving a 1976 Pontiac pheonix with 190,000 miles and your asking for advice on why somtimes it is a little doggy. Wait for an experienced tech to look at it but do yourself a favor and prepare for the inevitable. After thirty years the old girl is about due for retirement(she's older than I am and I was alive when nixon was president and honda only made motorcycles(we thought).
  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    G60 had problems

    While the G60 head served it's purpose it has had problems such as the ones you are describing. While it could be as little as a spark adjustment I would update either the ignition control circuit or the whole piece of equipment. Does anyone check the Micro-amp reading on the flame sensor, and what is the reading? or are parts just thrown in and a prayer said and hope for the best....
  • Andy T_2
    Andy T_2 Member Posts: 3

    Darin I liked your response. I am still laughing. But I am talking about my heating system.
  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343

    Does this G60 head fit atop the GV? or mounted on the side pannel somewhere? Also, D.C. falme rectification can only be checked with a meter to answer your Q:... One more thing,.......... Not to diss the other guy, but have you tried calling a service company? I'm sure someone in this great wall of ours can help you cause we live pretty much in every state...:)
    Good luck
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