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Laptop in van

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shock and spill resistant


  • Al_19
    Al_19 Member Posts: 170
    Laptop in van......

    I'd like to use my laptop in the van during the workday. I know American Van has some pedestal mounts, but I was wondering if anyone has any different ideas about a workspace between the seats(small desk, something homemade,...). I want to be able to use it from either seat. I'd also like to have the printer close by. Any unique ideas?

    Also, I remember reading a thread a while back about inverters not putting out steady power for the laptop. Any suggestions?

  • m dewolfe
    m dewolfe Member Posts: 92

    I bought a great mount for my laptop from this company and they had them on special. the thing works great but everybody thinks that I am a cop and running plates undrcover LOL. fits right between the seats and works like a champ...If you call tell them you read it here!
  • Laptop

    I have used a laptop in my vehicle for over 5 years, every day. I am on my second lap top, simply because I wanted a newer and faster one about 2 years ago.

    I use a 300w inverter that I purchased at a truck stop, and it has worked without any problems. It plugs into the cig lighter, and has 2 standard receptacles. The inverter was about $40.00.

    I also use the DeLorme GPS with the laptop. You can purchase it at any Office Max or Staples for about $100.00, for both the program and the GPS receiver. It beats something like Map quest, hands down.

  • Jeff Lawrence_24
    Jeff Lawrence_24 Member Posts: 593

    I have a Dell laptop and it came (as an option) with a car adapter. I've used it for 2 years and it's great. I write proposals and invoices amd print them in the customers driveway.

    I have a GPS and MicroSoft Streets and Trips. It really seems to cut down on the 'shortcuts' I thought I knew. It makes better sense, as it shortens the shortcuts.

    My laptop sits on the file cabinet I bought as a package with the van.

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  • Maine Doug_21
    Maine Doug_21 Member Posts: 16
    12 volt power supply

    I recommend these guys for 12 volt power supplies for laptops.
    PowerStream Adapters

    I have 3 laptops and use another for marine navigation and got 12 volt supplies from them. I have used a 300 watt inverter for years on laptops but now use it for a heating pad for the cats when I travel (they like their radiant).
  • Al_19
    Al_19 Member Posts: 170

    for the replies.

    I didn't even think of the GPS thing. Definately going to get that.

    I'm still trying to decide on the mount/desk.

    What do you think of the modified sine vs pure sine inverters?

  • Christian Egli_2
    Christian Egli_2 Member Posts: 812
    So we can all play solitaire while driving

    Here's what I think about the power source. I'm just reading the label on the power transformer for my laptop, this should make me an expert, no?

    It says the gadget takes in anything from 110 to 240 V AC, 50 to 60 Hz, and then it flattens it all out to a steady 18.5 V continuous. This makes sense, the rechargeable battery inside the computer lives on 14.8 V DC.

    With that in mind, who cares what comes out of the inverter, or how much the voltage and frequency fluctuate, and how banged up the sine waves are, it all gets ironed out anyway later on.

    By the way, isn't it possible to find power adapters for laptops that convert 12 - 24 V DC to the computer 18.5 V? That way you eliminate the middle inverter. Also, I think there are printers that get all their juice from the USB cable this would simplify wiring.

    At the office, I've long had problems with computers and their power supplies. Been suckered into buying the fancy power cleaner-upper, zapped those too. It turns out the ground was faulty in all the sockets on the branch. The haunting simply disappeared when we had a brand new feed from the panel.

    Maybe grounding is a big issue with power supply on board a truck?

    Oh, the Delorme GPS laptop combination is brilliant.
  • Maine Doug_21
    Maine Doug_21 Member Posts: 16
    dc to dc power

    See my post above on dc to dc power supplies.

    > By the way, isn't it possible to find

    > power adapters for laptops that convert 12 - 24 V

    > DC to the computer 18.5 V? That way you eliminate

    > the middle inverter.
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