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Buderus 2107 help

Brian C
Brian C Member Posts: 4


  • Brian C
    Brian C Member Posts: 4

    hi i live in Connecticut i have a complete buderus system g115-28 with lt 160 tank.

    i use baseboards as my heating emitters i think my heating curve is not set right i seem to be using more oil with outdoor reset then i did without it.

    dose anyone know of the right heating curve for Connecticut
    my house is well insulated and have good Anderson windows

    my baseboards are sized for 170 on -8 deg day

    with the 2109 control my burner ran for 6 min and satisfy the t-stat

    now it take a good 12 min burner run time

    could someone help me program this to save my oil


  • Al Letellier_9
    Al Letellier_9 Member Posts: 929
    heat curve setting

    If you system is sized correctly, with proper design criteria and sufficient baseboard, a heat curve of 1.3 should be just about right. Using a base line of 70*, at 8 below zero, that's a 78 temp drop....raising the system temp 1.3 degrees for each degree of outside temp drop would raise system temp 101 degrees to 171, which is right on your design temp. If this doesn't help, you may have a mechanical, design, or a sensor fault. This would be the time to get a pro in there to check things out.

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  • Brian C
    Brian C Member Posts: 4

    hi al im lost heating curve of 1.3 I'm lost
    what should be my ref temp and offset I'm not sure how to draw the curve on the buderus manual

    my baseboards are designed for 170 on a -8 deg day and my indoor temp I'm looking for is 72 inside

    my ref temp right now is 167 and my offset is 1

    hope you can help

  • RoosterBoy
    RoosterBoy Member Posts: 459

    sounds like the same setup i have try uping your day and night temps on the control so lets say your day temp is 68 try bringing it to 74 and bring your night to 72

    good luck
  • Brian C
    Brian C Member Posts: 4

    thanks rooster :-)

    i will try that tonight and see but i would still like to figure out on the buderus chart how to read the curve so i can set it right

    i am looking for the right setting i want my house to be 72 deg during the day and 70 at night.

    my baseboards are designed for 170 on a -8 deg day can you give me my ref temp rooster and the right offset

    that will make sure my system is set right

    thank you
  • Dan_15
    Dan_15 Member Posts: 388

    Brian, call Buderus tech support at 1-800-Buderus; they will be glad to help you. Your ref temp seems okay; there are a number of other settings that could affect how long the burner fires; Buderus tech support can help you navigate all of the settings as a whole picture.
  • RoosterBoy
    RoosterBoy Member Posts: 459

    yes Brian call buderus Joe set mine up for me and it works good they know the control inside out and they will fix it for you

    good luck
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