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wall mounted wonder

Mad Dog_2
Mad Dog_2 Member Posts: 4,939
Exemplary soldering job as well, love the cast fittings. Always a pleasure to see old-world craftsmanship. Mad Dog

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  • Ray Landry_2
    Ray Landry_2 Member Posts: 114

    Here's a 6 zone gb with a 53 gallon indirect. We just used the end switch to fire the boiler on this multi zoned job, otherwise it would have been a room sensor location issue. Gotta love those EZ headers!

    The last pic is a three zoned job I did a few months back that was actually a conversion from warm air to hot water baseboard (tried to push the idea of panel rads but customer did not like the look and was content with baseboard.) This was a rare occasion where I actually used the room sensor because I was able to size my baseboard around a water temp of 160 to accomodate for the max temp of 167 that is a default with the rc10. first floor was constant circ with the room control, and second floor had its own t stat to act as a high limit. Had to mess with the pins with the UBA and replace the snapped in half flame sensing rod to get it going but after the repairs it ran sweet.
  • Darin Cook_2
    Darin Cook_2 Member Posts: 205
    Boy Oh Boy

    You are a busy guy Ray. All of your work is very professional. A pleasure to see!

  • Ray Landry_2
    Ray Landry_2 Member Posts: 114

    Thanks Darin so is yours!
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    Nice work Ray

    I like the draw-off for the expansion tank, nice touch.

    Are those globe valves on the returns, and if so why ?

    We use the thermometers on the return also and I like the added info while diagnosing.

    Nice work.

    Not sure whether I like the blue or white background yet :).


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  • Ray Landry_2
    Ray Landry_2 Member Posts: 114

    Thanks for the comments guys! Matt for awhile there in the start of the heating season it did seem like a GB every week! I just now got my new computer up and running so I've got quite the little job picture folder going lol! I am starting a nice little 8500 sq ft house h/o had all the floors gutted so we can put in climate panel radiant, with two GB's one 79 gallon inderect tekmar controls infiniti for the a/c the whole nine yards. Scott I'm a fan of the black walls myself makes the copper stand out nicely! The blue board job I had globe valves which I mainly put in on the first two loops because they where a split loop and I wanted to balance the delta T perfectly. I love when I can buget in temp guages on the returns makes for a much easier job when it comes to balancing issues with loop temperature. Matt if I only had the time I would do every install with cast fittings a steel pipe looks so much nicer but when you've only got a day or two for the install, the torch and flux is a real time saver lol. I have sort of given up on pro press, we are not allowed to stock pp fittings on our trucks because of the expence, and I always find myself short a few fittings and having to switch back to sweat anyways. Plus I think you get a better looking job with sweat fittings, and imo it's easier to 'cheat' a sweat fitting if the pipe is cut too short (come on every does it! the old measure once cut twice!)
  • Darin Cook_2
    Darin Cook_2 Member Posts: 205

    Ray, Don't give away our little trade secrets. I can't tell you how many times I have cut a piece of pipe twice and it was still too short. LOL!!

  • heatboy
    heatboy Member Posts: 1,468
    Very nice................

    soldering. Not too many guys can solder like that.


    The Radiant Whisperer

    "The laws of physics will outweigh the laws of ecomomics every time."
  • dave_89
    dave_89 Member Posts: 2
    nice work

    Keep up the good work. i like the oversizing on the baseboard. great job.
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