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Parts For Older Hydrolevel VXT

Carol I have an older (pre digital readout) VXT autofeeder that has a bad solenoid valve (it's leaking and floods the boiler). I believe the valve is made by Eaton and it needs a new rubber piece in the valve. I have disassembled the valve and it appears to have been degraded by sediment in the water supply (I have well water). I would like to either replace the rubber part or the valve itself. The local supply house that handles Hydrolevel won't sell to me because I'm not licensed and I can't seem to find anyone else in the area that knows squat about steam. Also I'm cheap and don't want to spend $300 to fix a $2.00 problem. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


  • carol_3
    carol_3 Member Posts: 397

    I like cheap solutions, too. But I vote for the new valve. In the whole scheme of things, $300 isn't a whole lot of money. It's not the same situation, but this makes me think of a few years ago when a fellow called me and wanted a template so he could cut a new gasket for a valve from an innertube. He wouldn't believe I didn't have one--said I just wanted to make money. Besides the fact that I really didn't have such a thing, I was concerned about safety.

    On the other hand, can you post on the wall for someone authorized who can help you out locally?
  • Robert O'Connor_12
    Robert O'Connor_12 Member Posts: 728

    Why not get a (you like cheap right?) cheap 1/4" solenoid from Grainger. The valve body and head can't cost more than 20 bucks and the good thing is it will work with HOT water running through it (most auto feeders don't like hot water running through them and some even void warentee if applied with hot h20).

    Robert O'Connor/NJ
  • Dave DeFord_2
    Dave DeFord_2 Member Posts: 29
    Not too cheap...

    Just like to get it repaired as cheaply as possible - but in a workman like manner. If I need to pop $300 for the new valve I can, I there's just nothing wrong with the control mechanism in the old autofeeder the valve is just bad. When I took the old one apart it was fairly obvious that the valve itself was not made by Hydrolevel and is probably available from the manufacturer if I look hard enough. But winter is coming on fast and I need to get things going. Thank to everyone for all of their help.
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