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Hazardous materials???

Jim_47 Member Posts: 244
It was Saturday and I wanted to accomplish a little project but I was almost out of some 6013 arc welding rods. So off to the welding supply.
The rods were reasonably priced so I made my selection and proceeded to the sales counter. I was then suprised that as well as the cost of the arc welding rods and sales tax, I was charged a Hazardous materials fee! I could understand If I was buying a jar of welding flux or a tank of welding gas but I was buying Arc welding rods. It amounted to about 7% of the total sale.
Should we Oil techs be charging a Hazardous materials fee to remove rinsed oil from a oil filter, or soot from a combustion chamber? If so, how much? When will it all end or are we just getting started???


  • Jim_47
    Jim_47 Member Posts: 244
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    No comments?
  • Ron Schroeder_3
    Ron Schroeder_3 Member Posts: 254
    We've only just begun

    As a responsible oil services technician you already know how to dispose of your used oil filters, contaminated O rings and worn out oil nozzels, don't you?

    Here in BC, our contractors have to placard their vehicles for pre-pressurized containers over a certain size, Acetylene B tanks, flux, gas, LPG, and a host of other items. They also have to know where everything is in their vehicles (a small interior map as it were.)

    They also have to drive vehicles that have a great enough GCVW for the stuff they have along. Mobile scales ensure compliance.

    Non-comliance can cost you a month's income.

    I fear it is only beginning as our civil servants seek more to do...
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