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Peerless ECT5 Install

Its a National US with an NB4 burner. The steam version of that boiler would rot on the top back right section EVERY TIME. Every one we yanked out(several dozen) had a hole in the same place. My old boss almost went belly up because of those junk piles. The water boilers were a different story. The unattended tankless gaskets were the demise of those. Brings back memories. Nice work on the Peerless Ron.


  • This job was in Lloyds Neck

    an island on the north shore of L.I. We often see ancient steamers up there , but this one was a 3 zone hot water boiler . I'm not sure of the make , but it was a nasty 7 section - soot like you can't believe . Domestic pipes going straight down into the baement floor . I hate when I see that .
  • Peerless , Riello and a Burnham Alliance indirect

    The job took 2 days - me , Kenny and Phil on the 1st , and me and Kenny today to wrap it up . I'm amazed at how fast the job gets done if we have a little elbow room .

    The 79 gal. indirect took only a few minutes to heat up to 125 degrees . We set the triple aquastat for 180-130 , and the differential as wide as it can go . Not exactly outdoor reset , but a sight better than maintaining 180 all year round .
  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997

    I'm surprised your salesman actually gave you two day's for a job!! Nice work per the norm. Must have been a nice change to at least have a little room to work with.
  • sootmonkey
    sootmonkey Member Posts: 158

    what a bummer ron. i do mostly service calls for the co. that i work for. your type of work takes all the challange out of my job. all kidding aside.....very nice...beyond my abilities.
  • Guy_6
    Guy_6 Member Posts: 450

    My thoughts when I saw the "before" picture was that the only decent looking part of the system was the extrol tank. Wait, the handles on the ball valves didn't look so bad either.
  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981

    That looks like it could have a few different names on it but was made by Dunkirk and re-tagged. Most of the bigger oil companies around here used them at one time or another. Some were "branded" by Pickering, Texaco and Whaleco in my area.

    I've got one of the beasts to service on Monday and when I tried to do it last week, there was no power. It looks like it hasn't been touched in quite a few years. Good golly, what a mess! Nice work and glad to see your back got a bit of a break this week. Chris
  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124

    why the ECT? not the wbv or a V-8...seems more like a steam boiler used in a hot water system... nice job either way...kpc

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  • The ECT

    is an outstanding performer in both appliations . I've been installing the EC and it's older twin the JOT since 1986 . I've come across only a handful of leakers , all of them steamers . The thing was built to last and run efficient . Thanks Kevin .
  • They threw on the ball valves

    when they put a new coil in . Looked recent , the coil bolts came right out . The owners just bought the house and wanted to upgrade before they moved in and finished the basement . Thanks Guy .
  • I was suprised too

    The last big job , a 5 zoner with indirect was a one day debacle . I'm not doing anymore of those slam bangers , I'm too old for that pace . Thanks Lchmb .

  • I was thinking about service

    when we placed the indirect in its spot . I left plenty of room between it and the boiler to get to the circs and control . I thought about raising the boiler on blocks , but you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get to this town and how far away the nearest mason or big box store is . Thanks Sootmonkey .
  • My advice to you Chris

    is get a good face mask . This one was bad and stayed in my lungs for a long time . We didn't bother vacuuming the boiler - we just dropped the sections on the floor to clean them out . Even with a fiber tub as a chamber , there was still 4 pails and a garbage bag full of crap . Thanks alot Chris .
  • Joe Grosso
    Joe Grosso Member Posts: 307
    2 days??

    You have to be kidding? Come on Ron, tell the truth, you guys went and did a couple of oil tanks during the job, right? You went and did a water heater the next day during lunch, right? 2 days. Geeze. :) Nice job, glad to see they are giving you some time to do things.
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