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Electric Steam Boilers

kbms Member Posts: 1
Weil-McLain did manufacture an electric steam boiler and I've put them in. Unfortunately, they have decided to quit making them. There is a company called Thermolec out of Canada that makes a electric boiler. They say they will have commercial/residential model steam boilers out by December. Yes, its does take a large electric service to feed one. Sit down and run the numbers kw vs. therm. We did a commercial job where the store owner had $1500/mo nat. gas bills. The local electric utility had a $.03/kw rate for the entire building(yes the entire building)for the months of Sept.- April. The retrofit has saved them thousands in just one winter. Electric boilers are worth a good hard look if you have a decent rate.


  • Dave_23
    Dave_23 Member Posts: 190
    Electric Steam Boilers

    I have a WM EG steam boiler, 144,000 BTU, natural gas, standing pilot feeding a two pipe residential vapor system. Since the cost of natural gas keeps increasing, at what point would it make sense to swap the WM boiler with an electric version? It seems that my monthly bill in SE Michigan, during the heating season increases 30% per year.
  • I haven't seen

    electric steam boilers in residential sizes. Maybe someone makes them. But aren't electric rates rising in your area too?

    It might make more sense to go over your Vapor system to see if it can be tuned better, to use less fuel.
  • Al Corelli
    Al Corelli Member Posts: 454

    Around here, they use natural gas to make electricity, I've been told.

  • Glenn Harrison_2
    Glenn Harrison_2 Member Posts: 845
    You have to keep one thing in mind also

    If a electric steam boiler existed, which I have never heard of one, your 144,000 BTU boiler is equal to about 45 KW of electric heat and at approximately 20 amps per 5 KW of heat, using 230 volts, your talking needing a 180 amp electrical service in your house, just to operate the boiler, plus however big of a service you have to run the rest of your house. Now your talking major electrical upgrades to make it work.
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