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Heat Pump Nightmares

remember one that I had on a wta heatpump yeas ago.Not really a nightmares as it was a inconvience for the ho and myself.

In my area of virginia we dont get extreme temps often,maybe
we see a hard freeze about every three years maybe.
The call would come in that they had no heat..when I got there I would discover that the system was out on the lockout relay.Would go thru the motion of checking the water temps,flow and pressure and temps on the comp side.
All would check out ok.This unit was also a split system so
I would also verified and made sure the bypass time delay relay was not the cause and was working correctly.

After two trip testing everything out I thru in the towel and became a part replacer.Yes, I went on ahead and replace the lockout relay.Just because I've seen those little thin contact could pit and alittle virabition would make them lockout the unit and, what else could I do remember I thru in the towel.

So the call came in again..this time I got lucky and was on call and it was about 5am in the morning when it came across the pager.Off I go on a cold winter day and get to the job and yes once again on lock out.However this time I
notice that the water coil was starting to ice...and the low pressure was taking it out.
The problem all along was at night the ground would get so cold that the water temp were so low that my saturated temp
were close to or below freezing tripping the low pressure switch.This was a closed loop by the way.

Every other time I went on this call it was around 1.00 oclock in the afternoon when the customer could be home.

Call backs, somtimes it not your fault.


  • Eugene Silberstein
    Eugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380
    Cooling Season Winding Down?

    Has the coling season rush slowed to constant, manageable stream? Are you starting to prepare yourselves for the cooler fall months and those heat pump systems that so many love, but even more hate?

    Post your worst heat pump stories so others may benefit and, who knows, I may be able to shed some light on the situation to help ease future heat pump pain.
  • don_164
    don_164 Member Posts: 1

    did you said? hmmm where should I start.

    Our nightmares will soon be coming up,mild weather and tripping safety switches.
    It gets so bad for many you'll find the manual pressure switches bypass when you arrive.

    Cause...Poor duct system couple with a loaded filter,top
    off with 15 kw heatstrips coming on in defrost at night not
    to mention the outdoor unit was change out,but the old indoor unit was reuse,not enough room for all that hot gas
    to condense.

    I dont even want to get into the old duel fuel control we
    had so much fun with,which we turn into the spanking boy
    because we could not see past the nose on our face.

    I must say thing have gotten better over the years.I also
    would like to add that kids now days dont understand how fortuate they are to have teacher has yourself Professor and labs where they can do what ifs.

    Try learning from someone that could fix the problem because
    he seen it so many time,but had no clue has to why it became the problem.

    Thanks for sharing Professor.
  • Eugene Silberstein
    Eugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380

    I tell my guys every day how lucky they are to have me...(kidding and ducking from all of the objects being thrown at me)
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