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some problem with the e mail....

Try going to this site, "asknick.com" Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Dance The Security Tango" or click this link.
<A href="http://securitytango.com/">http://securitytango.com/</A>

Anti Virus and Spyware programs must be updated constantly and run on a regular basis. Takes a lot of time but it beats your computer being in the shop.

Hope this helps,

Jim Bennett


  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    e mail problems...

    about a month or so ago my computer was sent some email from people i dont know to someone i dont know and so i deleted it very soon after my computer crashed...

    then for the remainder of the month or so my computer not plugged in,not able to boot...was somehow a nexus for some malicious e mail scheme of some sort.. i totally apologize to any of you that may have been the recipient of any of it. trust me...i have no idea what it was about or what or how it managed its way into and out of my computer when it wasnt even on line....what is worse is ,there were a great many programs costing beacoup d argent that have vanished and i get to start all over again... one day constantin was telling us of Panda maybe it can block out whatever it is...norton ans lava soft didnt seem to catch it....i think i will make a back up disc every few months from now on....i was so irrate this morning when i got the news that i had lost so many of my programs...now all my friends and relatives addresses are gone also...:( my isp say well you need to block out pop ups and spam...well i thought thats what these programs i have are supposed to do......so, now that the horse is out of the barn ran down the hill and broke its leg and had to be put out of its misery....anyone know of a "Revive?"
  • Brian (Tankless)
    Brian (Tankless) Member Posts: 340
    I acutely feel your pain, Weeze

    That's exactly what happened to my old machine just before Christmas.

    I bought a new Dell which came with the whole McAfee package. Safe....not.

    Then I got the MS anti-spyware Beta, safe.....Not.

    My machine often crashed or "hung" when I opened Hetinghelp.com

    Then, at 3.0 one morning I woke to the sound of my machine going on-line all by itself ??? I shut it off and unplugged the modem.

    Then M.S. suggested that I get Spybot or similar. I downloaded the free Spybot.

    Then, just yesterday, I was at "The Wall" just reading, when my machine starts to click and get very active. I shut H.Help down, and ran a Spybot S&D (search & destroy).

    It found, that in the two (2) minutes I was reading posts at the wall, seventy five, yes, 75 attempts were made to put spy & adware on my machine.

    It stopped them and destroyed them. I have an (unfounded) belief that they are coming from the Google stuff all over the H.H. site.

    Take care, Weeze, there are some slick (read ****) ad companies out there.

    I'm going to run an S&D right now to see what it caught in the few minutes I've been here. I'll let you know what I find.


    Update...Good news, no threats found. Spybot works, get it.

    I believe you will find it at www.spybot.com

    Cheers, Brian.
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,732
    According to a recent review

    no anti-spyware program gets all the bad guys yet. SpyBot has its strengths, and I use it. I also use the free version of the a-squared program which you can get at www.emsisoft.com. This was recommended to me by someone on the Wall but I can't remember who, and gets some things SpyBot misses.
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  • Glenn Harrison_2
    Glenn Harrison_2 Member Posts: 845
    Weez, if it helps any...

    I have used Norton's Internet Security, and kept having mysterious problems with all all 3 of my computers, especially the one my kids used. I bought Panda's Internet Security back in February, and have not had one problem since with viruses or Trojan horses, or spy-ware. I also know that our friend in the industry Alan Mercurio uses Norton's and has had a couple of attacks. Personally I think either Norton's has gotten to big for there britches and aren't concentrating on all the viruses, or there customers, or since they are so big and well known, they have become a target of hackers much like Microsoft has. I have also been told that since Panda is actually created in Britain, it has different standards than American written software, so it is tougher on viruses.

    I also use Microsoft Antispyware, AD-Aware by Lavasoft. Spy-bot, and Spyware Doctor to keep adware and spyware out. As Steamhead said, no one program gets everything. I also regularly run Disk Cleanup, and Disk Defragmenter programs that come with windows, and run two programs called C Cleaner (ccleaner.com) and Clean Disk Security to clean out all the temporary files created by using a computer and the internet. Last, I use a program called Registry Mechanic to keep Windows running at peak efficiency as possible. With all these my computers have been running trouble free since February except occasionally when I download a program that conflicts with Windows.

    One last thing, make sure you have Windows SP2 (Service Pack) installed and that you have updates set for automatic download, and regularly perform a manual check of windows update to check for non critical updates to your computer.
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