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What is This?

Oh well.... I guess that wasn't as much fun as I anticipated!


Good Work, Larry


  • Eugene Silberstein
    Eugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380
    What is this used for?

    AN earlier thread on the WALL gave me an idea for a cute segment here. Quite often tools come with accessories that many technicians have never used, maybe because they are are not sure about exactly what is is supposed to do.

    I think we can have some fun with this one, as well as educate our own.

    I came across this one while teaching an air conditioning class for oilheat techncians and was amazed at the number of people who where not "in the know".

    On many tubing cutters, there is a groove in the rollers. You can see the groove in the picture of the tubing cutter at the Ridgid website.

    What is the purpose of the groove?
  • larry_9
    larry_9 Member Posts: 33
    what is this?

    It's the grove that you place the flare in, on the flare of the copper tubing. So you can cut it as close as possible and re-flare with out wasting to much pipe. Otherwise, you would have to add new section of pipe to make it fit.

  • soot_seeker_4
    soot_seeker_4 Member Posts: 22
    mystery answer ...

    that would be the 'F' cut-off.

    i won't say what the 'F' stands for yet (but oil guys should certainly know this).



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