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Something new! (Dan H.)

doing geothermal heatpumps with 5f long refrigerant u-tubes in angled radial pattern borred into the ground from a pit near the unit, would love to know how many tubes per ton, how far below frost line he starts, etc

also small lithium bromide absorbtion chillers driven with hot water off a vacum condensing tube solar array

besides all the everday stuff like were to get the best table for avg superheat per ft of line-set and per size


  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,525
    There's nothing that

    Professor Eugene Silberstein doesn't know about air conditioning and refrigeration. We've added this new room on the Wall for anyone who has questions about those two topics.

    Professor Silberstein runs the HVAC program at Suffolk Community College on Long Island. His students love him. So do I.

    Ask away.
    Retired and loving it.
  • GMcD
    GMcD Member Posts: 477
    What about radiant cooling and DOAS ventilation?

    Hopefully there will be discussion and dissemination of information about hydronic radiant cooling and dedicated outdoor air systems DOAS? Again, aimed at the residential and commercial sector - heat recovery/energy recovery ventilators with radiant systems. Geothermal applications?

    Looking forward to see what discussions come up on this board. Cheers, G. McD.
  • Howard Green
    Howard Green Member Posts: 1
    Attic Summer Trapped Heat

    How can I use the heat built up during the day in my attic to heat my small swimming pool?

    I need to cool my attic by as much as 40 degrees F to enjoy my second floor rooms in summer evenings! Cape-Cod style roof faces South.

    Have heard recently of recovery units which said to aid in exchanging fresh air for stale, w/o heat loss. But Need to transfer heat to Pool Water directly, or some intermediate vehicle.

    Sorry if mis-posted; really a new topic!
    Howard Green
  • Ernie
    Ernie Member Posts: 94

    Kal try this site
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