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PLEASE HELP!!!! Boiler shutting off, no heat, infant in house

It sounds like a draft or flame rollout switch neither of which are intended for reseting without the cause fixed I am surprised no one can come for weeks try as many phonecalls as it takes.Good luck


  • RGD
    RGD Member Posts: 8
    Smith boiler shutting off, won't come back on until reset

    1st time poster here...

    PLEASE HELP...We have no heat and no one can come for service for at least 3 weeks (called 32 places) and we have an Infant in the home.

    I have a home with gas smith boier and radiators. WHen I turn up the tstat all the way the boiler will come on and fire for 3-8 minutes, then burner shuts down to where only pilot is lit. It will not come back on until I hit the little reset switch on the front of the boiler.

    I also noticed that while it's on the pressure gauge stays at 0. After resetting the boiler a few times finally the pipe coming out of the boier to the various radiators gets hot...but the radiators do not.

    Can anyone help????

    Ask any questions you need to, but bear in mind I know little about this kind of stuff. Just trying to keep my wife and kids from developing icicles on their noses.

    THANK YOU in advance!
  • curiousity kills
    curiousity kills Member Posts: 118

    I know you said pilot but is this oil or gas and steam or forced hot water

  • RGD
    RGD Member Posts: 8
    Gas and steam

    Its a Smith GB250 Gas Boiler Steam radiators
  • Is the little reset switch

    on the fluepipe diverter tee , or where the diverter is built into the boiler ? If you have to repeatedly hit that switch , you have a a draft problem and really need to keep looking for a pro to get it fixed . Icicles on your family's noses is the least of worries with that kind of problem . Did you try Find a Pro on this website ? Where are you located ?
  • RGD
    RGD Member Posts: 8

    I'm in RI. No one can come out for weeks they say.

    The little switch is on the front of the boiler. Two wires coming from it. One to the little box that has the ignition button on it and 1 to a little box that says "Cut-In" and has a screw on the top to adjust.

    Hope that helps. I'm sorry for the stupidity but I do not know anything about boilers.
  • Guy_6
    Guy_6 Member Posts: 450

    That sounds like a rollout switch, which will shut down the boiler if the flames are "rolling out" of the combustion chamber. It is indicative of:
    a) a clogged boiler.
    b) a flue damper that is not fully operating.
    c) a blocked chimney.

    Any of the above is an unsafe condition, and that switch is doing it's job to keep you safe.

    I find it hard to believe that a service call is 3 weeks out. Try calling GEM plumbing in Lincoln RI. They are very service oriented.

    Guy Woollard
    Smith Boiler Co./ Mestek
    [email protected]
  • john_27
    john_27 Member Posts: 195

    best idea is to try to find someone....but...have you checked
    your venting....your vaporstat may be shutting short cycling the boiler...a question: after the boiler shuts off, have you waited a few minutes to see if the system restatrs?..........let us know.
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    Thats what I was going to say Guy.

    I find it hard to belive that NO ONE will comeout for three weeks.

    This is a unsafe situation that can NOT be repaired or fixed thru a Website.

    Call Gem on Monday. If its really cold call them NOW.

    If you don't like them keep calling untill you find someone. No One is THAT busy.

    Good Luck


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  • RGD
    RGD Member Posts: 8

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I called gem 1st...lol and was told earliest they could come out is 1st week of November...YIKES!

    We bought this house last October and the heating worked fine but I don't know if and when anything has been cleaned.
  • RGD
    RGD Member Posts: 8

    Ok. Had to stay in the basement for an hour resetting the switch, but now it seems as though when the tstat is raised the boile now cycles on for a few minutes, then off for a minute or so then on again. Good news is that it is now semi-warm in the house.

    I am still trying...to no avail as of yet...to get in contact with someone to come out, even if all it needs is a good cleaning.
  • RGD
    RGD Member Posts: 8

    ok I have a really stupid question but if that switch is a draft/flame rollout switch, could the problem be attributed to the plate in front of the flame being off?
  • RMA
    RMA Member Posts: 55

    Check water level
    low water cut off
    have you ever blown down the low water cut off or auto feed?
    may be rusted up or blocked
  • Al Gregory
    Al Gregory Member Posts: 260

    You know if your resetting a roll out switch there is a good chance your committing suicide. I live is south eastern mass and I dont have my heat on today. Its not that cold. Go buy a space heater and leave the boiler alone before you kill the infant that lives in that house. Don't mean to be an idiot but that is what it boils down to.
  • Phil_6
    Phil_6 Member Posts: 210

    stop pushing the d*%# little red button before you're all dead. We'll all sleep a little better. If you can't resist the urge please print out these messages and leave them for the medical examiner so they know what happened, and don't have to spend all that tax money investigating. And maybe the newspapers won't blame the "faulty" equipment that's really working but being defeated by your finger.
  • RGD
    RGD Member Posts: 8

    Ok...I'm not hitting the switch anymore. Haven't since this afternoon. Tstat is resting comfortably at 68º. Boiler starts up when it gets below and it runs for about 10 minutes to warm everything up then shuts off.

    If it trips again I will not push the reset button. Thank you all for the help and the warnings. I did not realize it was that dangerous. I finally got ahold of a Heating guy who penciled me in for Monday a.m. He had 52 calls today for no heat. Imagine that!

    Well, I'll let everyone know what the problem was once it's fixed. Thanks again!
  • RGD
    RGD Member Posts: 8

    Hi Rick,

    Water level is 3/4 the way up the tube, Low water shut off seems to be working no lights at least, which according to the MFg. website means all ok.
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