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Where to purchase TRV

you can get danfoss trv's from garnetmidwest.com they are loctaed in chicago. j.h.


  • Jane Wirengard
    Jane Wirengard Member Posts: 1
    Where to purchase TRVs

    Dear carol,
    I'm not sure if this is a "control" or a "heating" question, but I decided since TRVs are suppossed to help "control" heat, I'd go for the "control" expert! Here goes. I've read Dan's excellent explanation about the advantage of installing TRVs on a one pipe steam system. I live in a nine unit building and we are all on the same system. We have a main thermostat, but it is difficult to program it just right for all, and most of us get too much heat (better than too little). I decided that it would be a good idea to get the TRV recommended in The Lost Art of Steam Heating: Danfoss unit with the built in vacuum breaker and the straight-shank air vent,along with a wall sensor (since I am planning to enclose the radiators.) I went on the Danfoss website, as well as some other websites that sold TRVs, and became so confused. I couldn't figure out which model I would need and I couldn't figure out the cost. I'm hoping that you can either direct me to someone in the Chicago area that sells these items and is knowledgable about them, or tell me which website would be a good one from which to order, and help me know which model I would need.
    Thanks-and if this is really a "wall" question, feel free to send it that way.
  • John Ketterman
    John Ketterman Member Posts: 187

    Local HVAC supply houses frequently refuse to sell to DIYers: it's too much trouble to do the handholding. And businesses that do take the trouble to do some handholding (hardware stores) don't generally stock TRVs.

    So you can either take the time to learn enough to choose the right part yourself so you can order by mail, or hire a contractor. In the latter case the money will get you not just the labor but the expertise.

    Still, in the Chicago area, try Community Home Supply. They do sell to homeowners but they may not spend a lot of time helping you.
  • DWood
    DWood Member Posts: 60
    email me

    at [email protected] and I'll try to get you started in the right direction
  • carol_3
    carol_3 Member Posts: 397

    I think you'd be time and money ahead to hire a contractor. If you go that route, be sure to make sure he understands and accepts Dan's idea before you get started on the job!
  • larry_15
    larry_15 Member Posts: 55
    trv\"s in chicaago

    I'm form chicago and have moved recently to Minnasota. The company that I can direct you to is Cooling Equipment Service, Inc. they are a design refrigeration company and progress food with a lot of expeniance in steam and hrydronics they have one of my apprentices that is now a journymen still working there that is veery good on steam. hte owner Robert Axelrod has a degree in mechancal systems. He is a P.E. and could make sure that you are supplied with the correct danfos valves. Myself I work for Johnson Controls now and just wanted to get away formthe city life.

    Call them at 847-690-0755

    And tell them larry leyba told youto call them.
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