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Walking boiler and problem with raising pressure

David Sutton_6
David Sutton_6 Member Posts: 1,079
try find a pro from this site had have him look into it...David


  • John N.
    John N. Member Posts: 3
    Seriously concerned about steam system

    I have an 8 year old Smith 19A Steam/tankless boiler in my home. Some would think I'm crazy but I swear that entire unit has moved about 2 inches since I bought the home 4 years ago. What can I do to make sure that if this is happening that it doesn't continue? The previous owners of my home couldn't afford to maintain an older home (built in 1928) and let every system in the home go to pot. When I bought the home the condenser pump was seized and the home owners had a vacuum cleaner hose expeling the condensate water right into an open sewer line. Obviously the system had to take on fresh water each and every time it fired because almost no condensate made it back. I now believe that, beacause of this, the entire network of piping may have eroded beyond repair (along with the boiler tank, yet no leaks found). I don't want to have to replace the whole entire system in the home and start fresh since I'm moving to a less problem free home in a few months. I also don't want to sell a home to someone that will have a heating system that could only have a few years left on it. Is there something that I could do to control further problems with the system and squeeze some more time out of it? I've also replaced many thermo traps (with the correct ones, of course) and I'm going to replace the remaining few in the next two weeks. But now I notice that the pressure in the system is rising up to 5PSI each time the system fires. When it hits 5PSI the system cuts off and will go back on once the pressure is back to below 1PSI. It seems that when the system cuts back on that the pressure raises very quickly because most of the traps are still closed as all heat hasn't been released yet. Or, the new traps are being clogged with the constant sediment that I have to clear from the blow off valve twice daily. I would certainly get a plumber in to look at the system but I've had three already and they all tell me that everything is fine OR they want to replace the entire system OR I know more than they are talking about. Any advice other than saying 'Just move and get the hell out of there' is appreciated.
  • John N.
    John N. Member Posts: 3

    I live in Orange, NJ. I would be quite happy to have a pro from this site come out to take a look at the system as I am sick and tired of having to explain to people that my hands are always black/brown because I have to deal with my boiler daily. I want to take a short vacation soon but I don't know anyone qualified enough to baby-sit my 8 year old Smith.
  • Ron Schroeder
    Ron Schroeder Member Posts: 998

    Have you tried the Find a Professional link to the left of this page??
  • John N.
    John N. Member Posts: 3

    Yes, I've used this link and I'm going to contact someone on Monday. I would still like some help with my questions as I wish to do as much work as possible to save money.
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