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was going to compete for this too :P

Just kidding, but these days anything is possible.

BTW, P & O Ports also run segments of other ports in this country besides the six big ones. They operate the $73 million automated bag loader at my own Port of Lake Charles, here in S.W.Louisiana.

Over the two week period that I worked as a temp' tech for P&O on the loader, 3 out of 4 shiploads of grain & rice were headed for the Mid East (IRAQ) to help feed OUR guys.

Security was & is handled by the U.S. Coast Guard, the Lake Charles Port Authority Police and local police dept's, who do a great job.

The Keyspan deal is going to be interesting to watch.

Brian, in cold, muggy Mardi-Gras land.


  • Phil_6
    Phil_6 Member Posts: 210
    Keyspan sale

    London-based utility giant National Grid Friday confirmed that it was in talks to acquire KeySpan Corp

  • Brad White_36
    Brad White_36 Member Posts: 30
    Topical on Current Events, Brian...

    That port thing has me worried too; when I have more common sense than those in charge of national security, it is a scary thing...

    On a lighter note, tonight is our Mardi Gras Ball in neighboring Rhode Island. Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, Balfa Toujours and Geno Delafose, 6 PM to midnight including an all-band jam session. Boudin, King Cake and a surplus of beads to be earned :)

    Cold and muggy? Ugh. Cold front coming through with snow followed by single-digit numbers tonight and tomorrow is the forecast here. Warm and muggy I could deal with.

    Tonight we will raise a glass to you for helping to feed our young men and women overseas!

    Et Toi,

  • Brian (Tankless)
    Brian (Tankless) Member Posts: 340
    So that's where all the talent

    went :)

    I'm only 25 miles from Mamou, home of the "Playboys", and I used to work offshore drilling with one of the "Balfa Boys", boy did he have a Cajun French accent :) I could barely understand him, & vice-versa, me with my distinctive "Geordie/Scottish" twang from N.E. England, and him with his heavily French-accented English, it was a challenge.

    If you meet them, ask if Ronald is still with them, and does he remember working with Brian, the "Limey Sparky" in the Gulf.

    I hope the heat's working "up there", Cajun's aren't used to the cold, even though they came from France via Nova Scotia to here to begin with.

    Boudin, now you're making me hongry. Gonna eat me some boiled Crawfish, redskins, corn & onions in a while.

    Reverse radiant, I don't like giving up my body heat to the "cold-muggy" air either/iether :)

    Enjoy the Mardi-Gras, & "Laissai Le BonTon Roulle" (atrocious spelling, I know).

    Maybe P & O Ports will use that $7.3 billion cash and buy Keyspan and run it properly, but run all it's executive decisions through "The Wall" first, for approval, I think Dan would love that :) Can you imagine Heatinghelp.com being on that board of directors, with Matt (Mad Dog) with the casting vote, aaaarrrg! But things might just start heading in a sensible direction.

    Now, back to the real world of cleaning my kitchen & feeding my dog.

    Later, Brian.

  • Brad White_36
    Brad White_36 Member Posts: 30
    Will do, Brian!

    Did not know you were a Brit. My family was too but that was almost 400 years ago...

    We on the Wall just ought to rule the world, it's true. But for now we do a damn fine job on our piece of cyber-turf.

    Balfa Toujours is Christine Balfa, not her dad Dewey or her uncles. But if I get them aside between sets, I will ask re: Ronald. Talent is only on loan, they all come up here a lot, at least 3 times a year it seems, February Mardi Gras, June or so and Labor Day Weekend for our festivals. Worry not, we will send them back!

    Mamou is great on a Saturday AM (Fred's Lounge with Tante Sue and her Boudin, eh?)

    Off to pick up my Susan and head down the road, beads in tow, dancing boots on....

    Enjoy, Brian


  • joeoilman
    joeoilman Member Posts: 30

    i don't like the fad of selling our country away. doesn't matter if it's brits,arabs or whoever. jobs are leaving left & right,corporate muckety mucks are draining the companies & then scrapping them. prices go higher everyday. those playing the futures market are the biggest thieves of all. our standard of living is dropping like a rock. what happens when they outsource the government? our freedom will be gone & we won't be the u.s.of a. anymore,FACT!
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