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Radiator Hammering Noise and Leaking noise

Timmy Member Posts: 1
Hi! I am a newbie when it comes to heater and boilers. I recently moved into my brother's room because he moved out. Now i am living alone in a big house with very little knowledge about running and maintaining the house in a perfect condition. One night, i was sleeping and i heard a really loud hammering noise. I thought it was outside of the house because it was the first night i was sleeping in my brother's room. When i walked closer to the radiator, i noticed that the noise was coming from the radiator. I looked online and people are referring it to hammering noise. What can i do to stop this noise? It is very loud, so loud that i can't sleep. By the way, i forgot to mention i got a water heater, that is pretty new and recent. About a year i would say. Also, when the heat comes on, there's a very loud hissing noise as if GAS is leaking from one of the pipes. I tried to observe where the noise is the loudest, and i noticed that my radiator towards the end, the noise is really loud. The radiator lays flat so the pipes are connected at one end and towards the other end, the noise is loud. I also see that little steam is coming out and a few drips of water. I have carpet in my house and i can see some water marks that was left behind. Is this a serious problem? What can i do to stop the loud hissing noise as if gas is leaking? I am suspecting something is not right at the moment, however, i am illiterate when it comes to these problems. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could give me their personal experience with these types of problems. At the moment, where the pipe is connected to the radiator, there's a valve that says CLOSE and OPEN. I turned it to CLOSE because i am guessing that the water will stop flowing and stop the noise. THat also means, no heat in that room. I am planning to keep it that way until the radiator problem has fixed.


  • Timco
    Timco Member Posts: 3,040

    You need to start by using the find a pro icon on the left. By paying a pro to assess your entire system, you will also learn more than you ever imagined about your system. Meanwhile, Make & model of the boiler is a good start. Hot water or steam? Banging in just the one radiator? May just need to be pitched. One pipe or two going to each radiator? Gauge readings from the boiler? This will get things going...


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    Just a guy running some pipes.
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