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R22 vs. R410-A

HI. I'm not an A/C expert, but need to answer my Contractor Customer's question. I spec'd a Space Pak DX heat(Hot Water Coil)/cooling system with R22. The Federal deadline for R22 production ends in 2010, as I understand. How, or will, this affect the R22 equipment beyond that date. He's thinking service issues, mainly, for the long term. What, if any, might become issues?

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  •[email protected] Member Posts: 139
    R-22 vs R410a

    Just my personal opinion, but I do not see a problem with r-22. I agree that if you are doing something for the long haul to go r410a. My problem is the "sky is falling" mentality that r-22 is now worthless and will be worth too much because you can't get any after 2010. You can still get R-12, granted it is a little pricey. The big difference with 22 is that it has been coming down the road for too long. I just don't see a great shortage of it in the future, when all the manufacurers are moving to 410a before the deadline!

    No! It does not make sense to use 22 unless you are getting a bargain, i.e. saving thousands not hundreds, but people are people and will do anything to save a buck!

    jmho, Don in MO
  • Eugene SilbersteinEugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380
    No Problem

    No problem with the R-22.

    Even though no new systems will be manufactured with R-22 as of 2010, the total phaseout date for R-22 is 2020.

    Even after this date, there wil be ample supplies of the refrigerant.

    Since the amount of refrigerant your system will hold is not that great, the cost of adding any lost refrigerant to the system will likely not be that high.

    Go ahead with your plans and thanks for the post.
  • Jed_2Jed_2 Member Posts: 781
    Thanks, Professor

    My Customer will be glad. He is set up for R22, and won't have to make any changes, i.e., reclaimer, etc.

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