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Any idea what this stuff is?

Pinball Member Posts: 249


  • Robert O'Connor_3
    Robert O'Connor_3 Member Posts: 272
    Liquid behind boiler

    anyone have any idea what this liquid & residue is behind my boiler?

    see attached pics

  • Holy messy solders batman!

    From all the flux ont he concrete and all that solder everywhere is this a new installation?

    If so it could be from your old boiler when it was drained down.

    Otherwise, I cant see too well in the pictures but is it rainwater comming down your chimney? If you you may need your chimney base cleaned, and it may be a good idea to cap the chimney.

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  • Big Ed_3
    Big Ed_3 Member Posts: 170
    Draining Through Chimney

    Agree with Norm, looks like water draining through chimney. Could also be bad ground pitch around the house. If this is a basement , your chimney base could be below ground and if water could puddle around the chimney , it will drain down and in. The ground around the house ,should be pitched away from the home
  • Pinball
    Pinball Member Posts: 249
    So THATS where Jimmy Hoffa Went!!

    The mystery is solved!

    But seriously. Do You have antifreeze in your system? It looks red to me. Maybe a leak? possibly a packing nut? If not, Find the source first. Is it comming from the wall? Running down the pipe? or did it magically apear? Possibly somone just spilled somthing and forgot to clean it up?

  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,743
    liquid by boiler

    Looks like about the right amount of flux along with the amount of solder on that joint. :)
  • Robert O'Connor_12
    Robert O'Connor_12 Member Posts: 728
    Looks like....

    That looks like blood. Are you sure an animal isn't in that chimney? I'd take the smoke pipe apart and check.

    That doesn't look good.

    Robert O'Connor/NJ
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