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Victory upright freezer

Hi all,

I am having a problem with a Victroy VF-1 single door freezer. The drain freezes up. Anyone experiance this problem before?

Don in MO


  • TechmanTechman Member Posts: 2,144
    V is for Victory!

    Hi Don !Possibly debris in drain pan blocking the drain hole, or a plugged drain line or a plugged drain trap(if there is one) or a drain line heater or drain pan heater not physicaly close enough to drain hole ! Does this help?
  • MartyMarty Member Posts: 109

    Many of them need to add a heater inside the drain line. Forgot if we got them right from victory or were using bev air ones.
  • Sam_15Sam_15 Member Posts: 2
    Try hanging

    a copper wire around the defrost hanger and let about 3" of into the defrost drain.
  • TechmanTechman Member Posts: 2,144

    What a cool idea !
  •[email protected] Member Posts: 139
    Victory no help

    Yes I will be getting a drain tube heater or the copper wire. Talked to Victory today and they wanted to know how cold it was. I told them 0, since it is a freezer and had already been told that it would freeze the drain line if it was below 0. Now how do you explain to a customer that your freezer is too cold?!

    Anyway the suggestion was insulate the drain line or get a heater for it, but not from us because it doesn't need one.

    Thanks for the replies and will find out in about 4 months or so how it works out.

    Don in Mo
  • TechmanTechman Member Posts: 2,144

    Happy T-Bird day to you and yours! Why the waiting time to find out?
  • MartyMarty Member Posts: 109
    heat it

    Get the heater.. what happens is a very very very small amount of water is left in the bottom of the drain tube at the end of a defrost and freezes between defrost cycles. The frequency depends on if the plastic drain line has been even looked at it seems. After seeing 3 of them started looking real close at ones people were not complaining about sure enough the drains were partially frozen some more than others.
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