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Pressuretrol Problem

Thanks, I cleaned the black goo out of the pigtail and now the pressuretrol works as it should (cuts off at 1.5 psi instead of 5), but next I need to make the cycle control on the thermostat limit the number of heating cycles per hour. There is a little dial inside the thermostat to try out, and if that does not help, I can check the wiring.


  • R. Hayes
    R. Hayes Member Posts: 5
    Pressuretrol Problem

    I have a Honeywell Pressuretrol PA404A on my home steam boiler. The cut-in is set to .5 psi and the differential is set to 1 psi.

    At these settings, the pressuretrol cuts out at 5 psi and does not cut in until all is very cool.

    I figure the syphon pigtail is clogged. It is attached to the top of the low pressure mechanism housing. Is it any problem to unscrew the pressuretrol and the pigtail and clean out the pigtail? Can I use regular plumbing sealer on the threads?

    If this cleaning does not help, should I try replacing the control myself?

  • Charles G.
    Charles G. Member Posts: 113

    Not sure what you mean by "low pressure mechanism" but I'll assume you mean low water cut-off. Yes, you can and should clean the pigtail. And while you shouldn't need any pipe sealant on the brass threads, a LITTLE dab won't hurt.

    BTW--bring the cut-in setting up just a TAD off the bottom of the scale. The control itself is not the most accurate device out there and burying the setting at the bottom of the scale only aggravates you.
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