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Abandon or dig out UST

Leo Member Posts: 770
Is filling it in place a legal option? Around here abandoned gas stations were once allowed to fill gas tanks with sand. Then the law changed and the filled tanks had to be removed. My advice would be remove it and end all worries.



  • alex_11
    alex_11 Member Posts: 35

    Dear all,
    I am not sure whichi option to go with.THe house is heated with oil and it has a 550 UST.THe soili tests done last dec came out clean.No issues of leakeage.
    I have no insruance on the tank.
    I had a tank removal ocmpany come and take a look at it.They recommend not digging the tank out but abandoning it in place and fill it u with gravel.

    What you guys think?Will an properly legally abandoment suffice and satisfy future buyers of this property.

    Q is : Should i just legally abandon it or complete removal is absolutely recommended.

    Q: Seocnd if i go the abaodnment route should the tank be foam filled or gravel filled.Which is a better option?
  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    How long are you going to live there?

    I don't know where you are, but if the UST isn't removed or disposed of properly,with written receipts, most banks won't write a mortgage on the property. I'm thinking that abandonment may be a costly mistake...in the long run.

    If you have the room place a new one in the basement, DO IT.

    If it has to be placed outside, find someplace close to the heating appliance and make sure that the fuel supplier can and will TREAT the fuel accordingly.

    I like a tank that can be seen....It just makes sense. Chris
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    have it pumped dry.

    and then have them clean the tank with the special vac pump truck.the plan would be then to have it hauled away melted down to some new configuration *~/:)
  • Ken_40
    Ken_40 Member Posts: 1,320
    The answer...

    Depends on what state and what area within that state you and the tank live in.

    Please share that info with us.

    If NJ, I can speak to the issue. Each state has its own rules and regs. Generalizations are just that.
  • pete_15
    pete_15 Member Posts: 18
    in place

    I was a homeowner in Nj with a 500 gal oil tank in ground.
    switched to propane, a proper company came and did the
    formal abandonment (cleaned and filled) with a county permit. (hunterdon). County came and inspected after it was cut open and cleaned, then issued the certificate that it was done ok. No big deal. We sold the home, showed the certificate to the new owners and their mortgage co. There was no issues whatsoever.

    several homes around us had leak issues, and *they* had major problems for remediation. So my own advise is to have it properly abandoned, and if you have any concerns talk to your county office that inspects the process. They can tell you what is expected, and if they deal with the company you choose. They are there to help.

  • Mike L
    Mike L Member Posts: 30

    Don't forget that you are dealing with the Gov.DEP and such are subject to the attitudes and views of the times.It would be to bad to spend the money on abandonment to have them tell you down the road that they were wrong and therefor you are wrong and the tank MUST be removed.Oh ya and at your own cost,doesn't matter to them who's fault it is or was.(it's never theirs)!
  • fsk
    fsk Member Posts: 31

    I am in NJ.Northern NJ.Oil tanks are a norm here.However most folks have them over ground.Mine is Underground.

    I talked to a couple of tank removal companines.One told me that a proper abandonment will not be an issue if done with proper permits and codes.

    I dont want to go the complete removal process as I am afraid of the potentially bigger chances of unearthing more issues.

    Any opinions will be appreciated.Also any recommnedations of any exp and honest oil tank removal company in this part of NJ.

    Thank you.
  • james_17
    james_17 Member Posts: 4


    I have used these guys and they are great. They clean and use a foam fill. They are located in Elmwood Park NJ.
    Good Luck
  • alex_11
    alex_11 Member Posts: 35

    Did y abandon or remove the tank.how much did it cost either way.PLease let me know.Thank u,
  • alex_11
    alex_11 Member Posts: 35

    Can anyone recommend any other tank removal company in central or northern NJ.Any help will be appreciated.Thank yu.
  • Ken_40
    Ken_40 Member Posts: 1,320

    We did them ourselves for years, then got into bigger than 1,000 gallon UST's and had to get a good sub. All we tried were BS artists and thieves, until we ran accross a straight arrow.

    Bob Ostereich owns Allied Environmental. They are in Lafayette, NJ and although always busy, are worth the wait. No games, no "extras" other than what's really there. Know what they're doing and will travel as needed. They did a tank for us in Morristown at an oiffice building and a church in Perth Amboy. If memory serves, they also did a small apartment house in Vauxhall/Union.

    Use Ken of Palmer Heating of Rahway (now Clark) as a reference.

    Let us know how it all pans out, please.
  • alex_11
    alex_11 Member Posts: 35

    Do you have thier phone number by any chance.
    I tried looking up in yp but in vain.I did stumble upon applied srv owner walter.Are they the same.
    Thak you again for all ur help.
  • Ken_40
    Ken_40 Member Posts: 1,320

    One in the same.

    Walter is the field guy, Bob is the actual P.E./engineer who has all the NJ State mandated "credentials." I do know because they are such "straight arrows" in the land of the dirt-bags and wannabes, they will be busy and make you wait a while.

    The wait is worth while IMHO.
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