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Off topic but here`s a laugh!

Uni R_2
Uni R_2 Member Posts: 589
That stunt is a great example of redundancy. The complexity of having two chutes instead of one meant that there was a risk that one chute would get hindered from opening by the other, besides the risk of neither opening although that's really a remote chance. Anyway, even though it was such a low chance that one single chute would fail, he and anyone who may influence his decisions would all know that risk is fatal. So he uses two chutes and sure enough one gets fouled by the other and he has to make that really hard landing. But that WAS a risk he was willing to take so he broke even. Had both chutes failed, he'd be dead. Did the one foul the other or was it a dud? Hard to tell... anyway he didn't die, and he probably can feel good that had that second chute opened like it should have, he'd have landed perfectly as planned! But damn that must have hurt...

I watched it again. Had he not had those stupid wings on the side of his car, he'd have been fine I thin! That to me looks like the fault. Way too much drag from those big wings sticking out with such a strong negative angle of attack. Once he launched, they made the car's shape totally unstable and that's why it's twisting on all 3 axes and winds in that chute.


  • Check this for a laugh..........

    I found this one-day when I was playing-around , this was about 20 miles east of me, and I remember the "ramp" well!
    This may "lighten-up" your day! Strange what some people will try!!!

  • Uni R_2
    Uni R_2 Member Posts: 589
    It's in Ontario!!!

    Where is that Dave?
  • Uni R.................

    I wouldn`t even dignify that with an answer! Have you been around here very long?, most guy`s do know who I am, and accept me, maybe a "river-jump" would be more up your alley!
    Give it a try!(as long as I can watch.)
  • Uni R_2
    Uni R_2 Member Posts: 589

    All I was asking was where's the bridge exactly...

    I recognize what look like old OPP cruisers from the late 70s / very early 80s. I'm just wondering if that's a bridge I've been on. I can't place the location.

    I've been here too long to remember the first time I happened upon this great place.
  • Sorry Uni R................

    I guess I "bit-your-face" on this one, and I shouldn`t have, my apologies. Ya, this was very near the 1000 Islands bridge to Ogden NY. Just what this "idiot" was thinking-of, other than glory, is beyond me! It had to be money! Again I apologize to you!
  • [Deleted User]
    Rocket Scientist...

    he was not!

    I'm not sure which would have hurt more. Landing in the river with one and 1/2 chutes. or landing on land with two.

    Kinda looked like premature chute ejaculation to me.

    Ever seen that happen to a dragster? I have...

  • Uni R................

    Damn right, I bet it did hurt, but that was 30 years ago. It was about the height of the "Evil Kneival" craze, when we all thought we could fly! I got my drivers licence in 1975 and remember driving my first car about 1/2 way up this ramp until I "chickened-out", it may not look like much on video, but it was very steep! Believe me, I was there!
  • Hey Mark............

    doesn`t "premature ejaculation" bother us all? Whoops sorry, you were talking about the video!..........Sorry! LOL!
  • rucomfy
    rucomfy Member Posts: 43
    1320 Club

    Mark, do think that the Big Boss Man will clinch in Pomona
    with his assmbled brain-trust or does his son-in-law sneak around them all?? Austin Coil and Alan Johnson - official Guru's of Nitromethane.
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