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Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
I find that alot of times especially when replacing the ignition module that there is not always a given # as to the UA required. I know that every manufacturer has their own ratings that they like to see. I hav seen readings of about 8 to 9, but this was on industrial "Hartzell" equipment.


  • Most of the

    troubleshooting literature says a reading of 1 to 10 microamps is a good reading. I usually like to see 2 or more. Normal is 3 to 5. The literature does not however talk about readings over 10 microamps. What is your answer to a question of what if I get more than 10 microamps? Does Honeywell have any specific guidelines for how high the reading should go before it is a problem?
  • Mike most of the systems out

    there work within the 2 to 10 range. The exception I find is sometimes Fenwal and with tthem it is not a problem. What I have found is that when readings go above 10 we have intermittent problems. I am trying to find out if there is some explanation as to "10" being the high point and what happens when readings go above 10. Is it an indication of electronic interference or just maybe a real good rectification through the flame? In most of the cases I have found that when over 10 we get call backs until we change the electronics. It is however something that if we had a definite answer we could eliminate the call back. I do not like to just change controls unless I have absolute proof of a failure.
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