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Thanks Everyone, time for Bricks, and the future

DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,490
thanks for your support. I appreciate you.
Retired and loving it.


  • Perry_2
    Perry_2 Member Posts: 381
    Thanks Everyone, time for Bricks, and the future

    I recieved my first gas bill for a month with my new Vitodens 6-24 on Saturday.

    This year was colder than others, I had not done several things to reduce heating load that I normally do as I was working really long hours at the plant, and I did not setback heat at night. These numbers include hot water - but that is only fair as last years numbers also include hot water.

    Mid Oct - Mid Nov 2005 483 degree days, 100 therms.

    Mid Oct - Mid Nov 2006 784 degree days, 90 therms.

    Nice reduction - but I think it could have been more if I had done the things I normally do to reduce heating cost.

    I also note that the Vitodens does cycle on and off and I have yet to get cold enough for it to just run at minimum firing rate.

    While 1 month's comparison is not the best and I am looking forward to seeing the entire year (and what happens with humidification for comfort and heat level and finishing my normal winter weatherstripping), and gas prices are less this year - I saved not quite $50.00 this year.

    Thus, as thanks to this site I just bought 5 "Bricks" (along with some books for reading --- for those who don't know - you can buy a "Brick" in the online store to help support this site - technically it's just an item to "Help support this site" or somesuch).

    I would also like to thank the many people on this site who helped me - or even argued with me. You all made it possible. Thank You !

    I also hope that I have helped the site along with my participation.

    As to my future here....

    While I am not finished with my comparisons and reporting on my heating system - and may have other issues to resolve (I have two open issues on my heating system), and while I find the subject somewhat fascinating (and if I were a much younger man I might go into heating); the fact is that I need to spend more time elsewhere. Thus, while I will track some things - and may post from time to time... it is time for me to start drifting away so I can focus on other things. Thus, I will probably no longer check "The Wall" 4 or more times a day - nor read or respond to as much. But I will return from time to time. Certainly when I have things to report or issues.

    Should someone think that I could help on an issue - or want to contact me: I give Dan - or anyone else with my email address premission to contact me via email if someone is looking for something and I'm not active at the moment (note that I do take 2 week vacations at times and may not respond right away). I am certainly willing to help anyone in my general area (east side of Wisconsin).

    In some ways, this is somewhat sad as I feel that I have made some freinds here - and would like to spend more time. I trust you understand. I have ignored my side business to much while I resolved my heating situation. Yet, I felt that I also had to give back to the community as well. It is time to reballance things.

    Again thanks to all, and I will still be arround. Just not as active in general.

  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    when i build the small nuclear power plant in the back yard...

    i wont hesitate to call*~/:) Thank you for your time and contributions :)

    COULD Happen! :) you have been one of the best of people asyou supplied plenty of feedback throughout your efforts. Thanks .

    And you are plenty considerate:)
  • Brad White_147
    Brad White_147 Member Posts: 14
    Weezbo Called It

    I agree, when I need a nuke...

    I know you said you will still be around and I for one applaud that. You are a valued contributor definitely an asset in my opinion and in a number of ways. Your experience with your Vitodens mirrored my own (yours started later and finished sooner).

    The discussion lead to new discoveries I am sure for myself and others(Brickwall power conditioners being the least of them.)

    As Weezbo said, you above all are considerate.


  • S Ebels
    S Ebels Member Posts: 2,322

    When I get the urge to take the Badger across the lake, I'll make a point of trying to touch base with you. I'd love to see the innards of that nuke plant......(I promise not to touch anything :) ) and boilers that size, well, that would turn my knobs in a big way.

    Let's see.....just shy of 40% more heat required along with a 10% reduction in fuel use.........looks like pretty typical savings to me. I'd guess You'll wind up in the 35-45% range for the whole year.

    If I was in any way helpful to you, along with many others here, I humbly say "you're very welcome". It's kinda what we do here.

    I must say if you drift away from the Wall (fat chance, you're now officially infected with Wallitis) I for one will miss your knowledge and perspective. So I will humbly ask that you keep us in mind and stop in for an occasional visit. I like to see sharp minds like yours hanging out here.

    Thanks on behalf of Dan and all of us here for buying the bricks and helping to perpetuate this great place.
  • Christian Egli_2
    Christian Egli_2 Member Posts: 812
    You and Vito

    Well, you've got yourself your 6.4 million pounds of steam per hour, so you should be all set to ride into the winter.

    Thanks for telling us about Wisconsin and best of luck, Perry, with your future endeavors.

    Come back anytime your gas bill makes you cry.
  • perry....

    Perry, I do enjoy reading ur comments and experinces that you have been going thru... Do you go south to Milwaukee for hockey games? As I do go there when the Chicago Wolves play vs Admirals...
  • Perry_2
    Perry_2 Member Posts: 381
    Thanks all..

    Weezebo, Brad, Steve, Christian, & rj.

    I appreciate the comments.

    Concerning seeing the plant. :( Sorry, Since 9-11 personal tours of the plant have been cancled. People can't even take their wives in on the weekends like it used to be.

    The visitors center - with lots of displays, well constructed models, and even a few "spare parts" is again open (It had been closed for 3 years while they improved security arround the "controlled area").

    If you get a chance to stop in great. Hunt me up (ask if they can find "Perry" an engineer who deals with Heat Exchangers when you visit. If I'm their, and not tied up in some meeting I'll come out and say hello.

    I'll still post now and then and am tracking a few post that I had been involved in; Other than that - you all have a great day.

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