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Single Boiler vs. Individual Units - Control Solution?

I don't know of such a way to meter. Anyone else?


  • Jim H.
    Jim H. Member Posts: 11
    Single Boiler vs. Individual Units - Control Solution?

    Hello Carol,

    I have seen the discussions on the Wall concerning efficiency of a single boiler serving several units vs. a buildingowner's need to have each tenant responsible for their own fuel bill.

    I am replacing a boiler in my building with three rental units. The only suggestion I have so far is to set up three zones with and three circulating pumps. But that doesn't give me any way to meter each tenant's fuel consumption, let alone bill it.

    Since each tenant has a separate gas service to the bulding, is there a way to supply the boiler from all three gas supply sources, each in proportion to each tenant's demand? Then the metering and the billing is still in the hands of the tenants utility account, and everyone can enjoy the higher efficiency of a single boiler!

    Jim H.
  • Jay_14
    Jay_14 Member Posts: 39
    BTU meter

    Recommend an ISTEC BTU meter.

    It works by measuring the temperature difference between the supply and return pipes and multiplies this number by the flow rate.

  • Charles G.
    Charles G. Member Posts: 113
    Hour timers

    How about putting hour meters (run time meters) on the boiler and each pump. Divide each tenant's run time (usage) by the total run time of boiler and divide the utility bill accordingly. May not be a perfect solution, but you get paid and the tenant knows how much heat they use each period. This would only work if the fuel feeds the boiler only.
  • Steverino
    Steverino Member Posts: 140

    What do you do when 1 of the 3 apts are poorly designed and the college kid leaves the windows open for fresh air? I know what you mean, but I think the Only resolve to the problem is 3 small boilers. OR,.....What about Pri/Sec piping, monitor the loop temp, of course with ODR, and Average out the zone run time in relationship to available loop temp? Just a thought. I'm sure more factors would need to be added.

    Mike T.
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