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Spirovent Doesn't Work Anymore

MIke_Jonas Member Posts: 209
Don't rely on the Spirovent alone. Go to each radiator/baseboard and find the vent. Bleed them all. It's not unusual to have air in the system the Spirovent can't get out. It depends on baseboard elevation, pipe angles, etc. I think if you bleed all of the baseboards/rads, you'll be fine.


  • van_5
    van_5 Member Posts: 6
    Spirovent Doesn't Work Anymore

    I recently replaced my Buderus boiler with a GB 142. Most of the existing piping (1999 install) including the Spirovent was reused. This work was done in the spring so I did not use the heat until recently. The baseboards now make a lot of noise when the water circulates because of the air in the system. The Spirovent is not taking the air out. Do the Spirovents go bad over time? Do they get dirty and if so, can they be cleaned? How sensitive is the Spirovent to piping just before the unit? Their website indicates that this is not an issue.

  • Leo
    Leo Member Posts: 770
    Depending on water quality

    Depending on water quality I have seen Spiro Vents clog with garbage. There is a wire mesh inside that catches the bubbles and I have seen it disintergrate. The last I knew they didn't make the mesh available you had to buy a whole new vent and remove the top and mesh.

  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    You can disassemble them

    and clean out the mesh. Also make sure the small hole at the vent out let is clear. a`paper clip works well to clear that opening.

    Worse case remove the top by nunscrewing and screw on a new top. Sometimes easier than un-piping and replacing the entire unit.

    If the air is moving through the system and passing through the Spiro, it will eventusally do it's job. it sometimes takes a few days for small bubble to gather and burp out.

    If you have a lot of crud inside you need to clean and flush the system to prevent further problems.

    hot rod
    hot rod

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  • jim P._2
    jim P._2 Member Posts: 28

    ditto on the venting on each radiator. I had the same problem. You must vent the trapped air stuck in each radiator. Jim
  • GW
    GW Member Posts: 4,676
    vents on baseboards?

    I hope there's no air vents on the baseboard units!!

    The real question may be this: Is the circ(s) downstream or upstream of the Spiro? Most guys that know better would pump aaway from the spiro because there's slightly less pressure at the suction side of the pump, allowing the air to escape. But if the screen thing is buggered up, forget about it. I'm assuming you have adequate pressure and the guy at least got the big globs of air out.


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  • MIke_Jonas
    MIke_Jonas Member Posts: 209
    Vents on BB

    Why do you hope there's no vents on the baseboards?

    I see them on every one I've ever worked on, cast iron and copper tube/fin. How else would you get an airlock out? Yes, the Spirovent should get rid of air, but due to piping angles, etc., I see nothing wrong with vents on baseboards.
    One other thing.. I use the Honeywell air eliminators. you can easily take them apart.
  • Steve_35
    Steve_35 Member Posts: 546
    In 18 years

    we've never installed a vent on a series loop system other than the air scoop and auto air vent/Spirovent. No air in the lines.

    IMO, BB vents are just another point for air to enter. Pump away. Scoop/Spirovent on the supply near the boiler. You're set.
  • van_5
    van_5 Member Posts: 6

    Yes. Pumping away from Spirovent/Expansion tank as it should.

    I think there might be something to the possible gumming up of the Spirovent. Contractor is going to clean and flush the system and refill the antifreeze next week.
  • Ted_9
    Ted_9 Member Posts: 1,718

    I agree with you Pit, but I think they mean coin vents on the cast iron baseboard. I series copper/fin, power purging and pumping away and you wont have air trapped in the BB.

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  • Jim_55
    Jim_55 Member Posts: 21

    Yes coin vents. They were used only at startup to get all the air out and once when I had to drain a loop otherwise the spirovent worked as it should. The coin vents are on each one of my baserays. Jim
  • Guy_6
    Guy_6 Member Posts: 450

    It may not be the screens in the Spirovent that are causing it not to work, as the surface area would take a lot to clog. The problem is more likely the float, which lets out the trapped air. Flux and oils get rise to the top of the water, thus gumming up the float, trapping it shut. A simple cleaning is probably all that is needed.
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