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csst lawsuit

Dale Member Posts: 1,317
Thanks for the response, this is what this site is all about. I have learned from the csst website that my county and state has us in a lightning zone 3, the least risky. So, I think all professionals should look at this and if you work in a higher risk area (like Florida) be aware of it. I have spent a bit more time on this and have a few more thoughts. First, I think the main point is that the manufacturers of csst have admitted the problem exists. I have researched the install manuals available over the past years and found only the latest ones show a bonding wire. The key here is the new picture shows the bonding wire to the NUT not the tubing, the black pipe systems could have the bonding wire connected anywhere on the pipe. Second, how many of us check that the outlet that the range or dryer is plugged into is indeed grounded? On older homes allot of replacemnet 3 prong outlets get installed giving the impression of grounding. Last, if we know where we installed csst what is our responsibility to those customers? As to changes to make now, I would not run csst against any other metal system, like ductwork in an attic. I would check anything csst is run to to make sure it is grounded properly and I would bond the csst at the supply end if I was going to run it in a confined area.


  • Dale
    Dale Member Posts: 1,317
    CSST issue

    We have had some comments on a Sunday supplement advertisement on a class action suit about CSST. If you have installed any you may want to visit www.csstsettlement.com The settlement is for csst installed up to Sept. 5 2006. The major suppliers all agreed to settle. The offer is 200 to $2000 dollars to install lightning protection or bond correctly. The court has yet to decide if they will allow the settlement offer. The issue is lightning strike blowing holes through csst causing fires. My company has seen 2 of these in the past few years. The older csst install manuals did not mention bonding, the new ones do. The issue is 2 fold in my opinion, 1, lighting is unpredictable and csst is very thin, if lighting gets on the metal of a house, like ductwork and csst is touching the ductwork the csst gets a hole blasted in it. 2, all metal gas pipe must be bonded, csst is gas pipe. Gas meters are insulated from house piping, the lucky fix is that the code allows the ground connection at the furnace to be the bond connection. However, the gas fireplace may not have an electrical ground, so, a bond wire must be run from the csst NUT, not the tubing!, to a ground path. Some of the csst manuals show this. Bottom line, get and read and follow the current csst install manual, make sure all gas pipe is bonded. A professional learns the difference between grounding and bonding. A new version of csst will provide more lightning protection. This is a bigger problem in the south were plastic water systems are more prevelent.
  • Wayco Wayne_2
    Wayco Wayne_2 Member Posts: 2,479
  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,113
    saw this also

    i had seen a large ad in natinal geo last month i personal never like the stuff and can see all the promblem and liablites invoulved ,on another note 3 years ago i was called mt a custemer because of a gas odar found just what you described and the caus e lighting hitting a tree in there front yard since then on my own work i never use that junk steel and thread but i hope others pick up on this post b4ecause supply houses haven't dropped a word to those carring out miles of the stuff peace and good luck clammy
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  • Dan C.
    Dan C. Member Posts: 248
    I agree

    I can count on one hand the amount of times I have used it. You can almost always run black pipe

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  • Steve_35
    Steve_35 Member Posts: 546
    Looks like the lawyers found another thing to glom onto

    From the settlement:

    How will Class Counsel’s fees be paid?

    In addition to all other sums to be paid by Settling Defendants under the terms of the Proposed Settlement, Settling Defendants will pay to Class Counsel reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs. Class Counsel will request a fee of no more than $29,200,000.

    So the lawyers have limited themselves to $29 million.

    As far as the bonding, if I recall the NEC using the equipment ground for a bond is acceptable. I think your point about fireplaces is well taken though. They may very well NOT be tied into the electric system. The other concern would be running CSST in an older home that may not even have a ground.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,626

    I agree. We don't use it often at all. Somehow I don't really trust it.

    Good info,


  • S Ebels
    S Ebels Member Posts: 2,322

    The only places we use it are where good old black pipe is impossible.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Heckofadeal ....

    Thanks for posting this information.. As professionals we should also bring this information to the electricians who have the Responsibility to bond certain equipment.

    this has given me something else to do tomorrow :)

    our electrical inspector is Real Big on Grounding and Bonding:)

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