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New System

clammy Member Posts: 3,089
I have to agree a cold start boiler saves you fuel but at the cost of boiler eff over time plus throw the fact that with a well insulated indirect and no hot water draw due times when no one is home and a damp basement and you are lookingat condensation in the boiler and with a boiler that requires a combustion chamber with a target wall and youwill be looking at replacing that chamber in 3 to 5 years .The big upside of maintanig a boiler even at 120 is that it stays dry and warm use a seperate pump for your indirect tank and a taco multi cicr relay with hot water priority and make sure it's a sr model that is expandable so it has a zr and zc terminal so i can be wired into your triple aquastat relay to give you a low limit to protect the boiler from circulating water when the boilers temp is low also further protecting your boiler from condensation .The main reason i say this is ever boiler that i have seen that was in good condition and was 50 to 75 years old still had a low limit on it ones that i have seen without the low limit (unwired when the control final went ,coil gone eions ago )looked there age .Some manafactures still use this feature on there control add on buderus does except they call it pump logic easally done with some controls on just about every oil boiler but remenber to have a ifc pump or flow checks on at least the supply and a thermal loop on the return to monoinze any and all thermal migration ,not to be a german supporter but check out buderus g115 line no chamber to ever replace very easy to clean with flue pass inserts to adjust stack real nice boiler with a excellent insulation package with low stand by loss in my opion peace and good luck and get a heat lose on your home before dropping any new system in your home it's the right way to go about it again good luck clammy
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  • bob_82
    bob_82 Member Posts: 3
    New System Proposal - Opinions/Suggestions

    Burnham V-84 cast iron boiler,
    Burnham AL-40 Indirect,
    Riello 40 F-5,
    2 Grundfos multispeed circulators,
    Electronic Low Water Cutoff,
    Amtrol #30 extrol tank,
    Spirovent Air Eliminator,


    thank you.
  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997

    Not alot of information to go with but, how about a heatloss on the building and have you looked into the MPO by Burnham?
  • Dom_2
    Dom_2 Member Posts: 12

    When using an indirect I like to see people step up to a cold start boiler such as the Buderus or Burnham MPO. It costs a little more but is also a more efficient combination.
  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    I concur...

    a 3 pass boiler will give you better long term results that the Std. pin type.

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  • RoosterBoy._2
    RoosterBoy._2 Member Posts: 1

    if you want to safe money get a thankless on-demand hotwater heater.

    this way your not keeping a tank of water heated in case your going to use it.

    with a thankless hot-water heater you only heat the water that your going to use when you need it instantaneously.

    id get a electric or gas one they mount on the wall and i have it placed in the center of all your fixtures so you get fast hot-water.

    good luck
  • Leo
    Leo Member Posts: 770
    Cold Start

    A "cold start" boiler than never runs in the summer is much more difficult to clean. Useing today's indirect tanks which have a low heat loss is the way to go. It makes no difference, it takes some form of energy to heat the water, use the form that keeps the boiler in the best shape.

  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997

    And on another note, not all house's will fit having an instantaneous water heater. Alot of it will depend on the size of the house (I.E. two bathroom's, large shower heads) and the incoming water temperature. I agree completely with Leo on this though, you have a boiler. If you leave it cold all summer it will condensate and create a mess inside the system. Using it for HW will help to keep it cleaner and happier over the years to come...IMHO
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