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weil mclain quality control

My dad, who is now 92 and a P&H guy all his life, used to have a saying went things went wrong, and it went like this: "Happens to the best of them and we just proved it".
It irks me when I see posts like this...sure thing go wrong and nothing is always perfect. I've installed Weils of all sizes and types for years, and when the slightess problem has occurred...few and far between...Weil has always stepped up to the plate and made things right. If you have that much trouble and the rep really does what you say he does, call the president of the company. I have his card and I've spoken to him directly, but not about problems, because they've ALWAYS been taken care of at the local level, by the rep, in concert with my supplier. There are boilers out there that I refuse to install because of a problem that wasn't taken care of, and I don't blame you for being upset when they happen, but Weil is and EXCELLENT company, with a great product line, and like anyone else, stuff happens. The local rep is not your last line of defense, just the first.

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  • Bill Jirik,
    Bill Jirik, Member Posts: 54
    Weil Mclain quality control problem or just bad luck!

    We recently assembled a few Weil Mclain LGB knockdown sectional boilers 1.5 to 2.2 million btus, is it just us or has anyone else noticed things like; Casting flash on the sections so bad that you cant get the draw bolts through the hole with out first running a drill through it,
    Jacket sheet metal improperly bent, Burner bases where burners are missing the brackets to attach the pilot burners or flame sensors, Parts missing from jacket or gas train kits, The Weil Mclain reps act as if we are the only ones that have had these problems, is it our bad luck or has quality conrol gone down?
  • Ross_7
    Ross_7 Member Posts: 577

    I had a BCP-6 that was having problems a few years ago, and the Weil-Mclain rep acted like I was the only one in the world who had this problem, which is a Heat-Timer product. He ran my name through the gutter, and bad mouthed me. Then I started talking to some the other local techs, and they had similiar problem with the same control. No aplogies from Weil-Mclain, reps or otherwise. Thanks a lot guys. It ended up being a loose solder connection on the board itself, and nothing to do with my install.
  • Al Gregory
    Al Gregory Member Posts: 260

    I actually had a cpl that had the tankless bolt holes drilled right into the water jacket on a cpl Gold boilers. Not a nice thing to find at the end of the day when your filling a new system
  • Tombig_5
    Tombig_5 Member Posts: 60
    \"Factory Defect\"

    I had a run of pumps that went bad from a certain mfgr. I chalked it up to a bad day or week from an assembly person or bad parts from a vendor. Either way it didn't stop me from using that particular pump because I like them very much. Who's fault was it??

    Hugh Manera
  • Bill Jirik,
    Bill Jirik, Member Posts: 54
    Weil Mclain

    Last month at the ISH show in Chicago, I got a chance to voice my complaints to Weil's local chicago and national reps along with a rep from the wholsaler, Columbia pipe, and all I got was dumb looks of disbelief, when I offered to bring them to the jobsite, lees then 5 miles away, to see for themselves they all were to busy. So if you want to email me the presidents name and direct phone number, I'll be happy to discuss it with him. Problems occour every day in business, its not the excuse or sincerity of the appology that keeps customers, it's the service recovery and thus far they have been short on that.
  • Darrell
    Darrell Member Posts: 303

    As a serviceman, I'm always glad when my call is to a WMC product. Sure they break...they all do...that's how I feed myself. Yep, they even have new equipment with problems...they all do. So far, WMC has been beyond good enough in their response to my problems, complaints, and even whining...except for one thing...they still put the relief valve at the back of the boiler, and the install guys build it in...but, I don't feel like ranting tonight. The only problem I have is parts availabliliy locally, but that isn't WMC's choice.
  • mtfallsmikey
    mtfallsmikey Member Posts: 765
    Sorry your'e having problems, but

    Nothing compares to the grief bestowed upon those of us who were "fortunate" enough to have been installing their products in the early '70's
  • Al.

    Hope the problems we are encountering are the result of the learning curve @ Eden.

    80's w/ the rear jacket hole 1" higher than the observation casting in the rear section. 88's w/ the jacket panels bent & cut the wrong way. Ultras (mfg for over a year) w/ wrong fuel tags attached to the boilers. A Boxes w/ wrong number of draw rods & seals.

    Sure, our wholesaler bends over backwards to help. However, what Weil refuses to recognize is their omissions & mistakes cost us money, & plays havoc w/ schedules. How many times can we listen to "I'm sorry" w/o looking for product elsewhere?

    I now understand Weil has run out of product that should be in stock. Cold weather has arrived about the same time for all of my 64 years. Guess Weil must be operating w/ a different calendar.
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