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nozzle after drip

Jim Davis_7
Jim Davis_7 Member Posts: 67
Doing a CO test on oil can actually narrow down the exact problem that you have a verify if you correct it. The analyzer must be fast responding at start-up and shut-down or the problems will be missed. This means the Testo unit won't pick it up.


  • Mark_82
    Mark_82 Member Posts: 11

    Could someone explain to me the main causes for after drip of a nozzle after the burner shuts done from running.. thanks..
  • Jim Davis
    Jim Davis Member Posts: 305

    Number 1 reason is air in the oil lines. Second would be heat migrating back into the airtube after shutdonw causing the oil to expand in the drawer assembly. The last would be pump cutoff but that is usually a lot more than after drip, it would also be after burn.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    leaky nozzel holder....

    a hair line crack or overtightening can cause a leak. the tool that a tech uses is a tork wrench. when the burn cycyle ends the fire chamber temps are rather warm, there is nolonger fuel cooling the nozzel by passing through it as in the burn cycle. the post purge helps this a bit as the thing that cools the nozzel is the oil flow and the air being supplied by the fan. when the oil expands due to the excess heat combined with a pinner leak a drop of oil forms on the end of the nozzel.
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