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Ultra Install done wrong

Boston Member Posts: 71


  • Boston
    Boston Member Posts: 71
    Lessons learned from first ultra

    Although it is up and running, we learned a few things about installing one of these things.

    My contractor used 1" copper to tie in a 60 gallon WM gold indirect. Called W-M and they said it woul dnot be covered under warranty unless we moved up to 1 1/4". They felt it would fault due to low diff between in and out temp. IUltimately heat exchanger could be damaged from excessive heat.

    They also did not like the 1" on the secondary loop, they said it will be noisy and just not to thier specs.

    So we have some rework to do, but everyone has to do a first one, and we are still real pleased with it.
  • Floyd
    Floyd Member Posts: 429

    let me know when you actually have it up and running... maybe you already do. Anyway, you need to go in and tweak a few things that come setup from the factory. Like backing down the DHW setpiont, the space heating high setpiont, the reset curve low end, and turn off the boost feature. Maybe some other things also.... They work good right outta the box, but can run much better with some playin'.....

  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    What BTU size?

    most of the Ultras come with 1" piping inside the unit. With the tank that close 1" will move 10 GPM through it without velocity issues, at about 3.7 FPS.

    Get a copy of Siggy's HDS or the B&G System Syzer, available online at B&G site, to run pipe sizing numbers.

    hot rod

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  • Boston
    Boston Member Posts: 71
    Thaks hot rod

    I agree with you, it seems to work fine.

    But W-M has said warranty is VOID.

    These things are 3800. Apparently the 1" inside is ok, but they want 1 1/4 on all primary piping.
  • Boston
    Boston Member Posts: 71
    155k btu

  • Boston
    Boston Member Posts: 71

    its running, I was playing with it a bit. I just watched the return temps, tried all the zones, basic stuff.

    I'd be interested in any tips.

    House is under agreement, but won't close for a few months. I will be interested in the heating bill. We have it set at 60 and no HW use(empty house), so we'll see how the ultra does on fuel.
  • Ted_9
    Ted_9 Member Posts: 1,718
    One inch

    Yea, what's wrong with 1" to the indirect. Its very close.
    There are some piping issues here but....

    Its sounds like WM just wants a way out of warrantying the unit

    Or you spoke to the wrong person on the phone.

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  • Floyd
    Floyd Member Posts: 429
    Yup 1'' might work...

    in this case. However, if WM says okay here than you get someguy that runs his indirect for 50' away with 50 ell's in between, then calls them up hollerin' that they said it was okay for Joe Blow.... you get the idear....they just can't make exceptions... and have to have the RULES to cover ALL the worst case things that can occur.
    Oh yeah, then there's the pump thing... I don't need no stinkin' 0011... I used a darn 007 for everything...

  • Jason_22
    Jason_22 Member Posts: 39

    We put alot of the Ultra's in. You can run 1" to the Plus 40 and 11/4" to the Plus 60.
  • Boston
    Boston Member Posts: 71
    that's what the w-m

    engineer said. this is a 60, so needs 1 1/4.
  • Uni R_2
    Uni R_2 Member Posts: 589
    Check The Manual

    That's what it says in there...
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