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Does anyone have a clue?

Robert O'Brien
Robert O'Brien Member Posts: 3,537
didn't mention if the house was overheating. You also didn't mention if the system was checked for leaks in the slab.I assume not.I've seen similar jobs and when they are down for a period of time in the winter it commonly takes days to re-heat the tons and tons of cement in these usually quite thick slabs. Years ago a concrete contractor told me a 1800 Sq/ft slab 3" thick weighed 80,000 Lbs. I don't know if this is correct but if so it will take an awful lot of BTU's to raise that 20 degrees

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  • Does any one have a clue? I dont.......

    Hey guys, help me here....I posted athread 10/21/2006 titled "Radiant Heat issue 1954 House" and I only get one reply? and buy the way JW, call me I sent you my phone number........I thought you guys would have the answer for sure on this one way or the otherThis lady is going on 3 days now of straight boiler running if she does not shut the t-stat down.........
    Steven Gronski

  • The house does not seem to be overheating at all, its definately a very warm floor in the kitchen and baths where the linoleum is, and the carpet floors are obviously not as hot.I shut the water feed off on the boiler for an hour, and did not notice a preesure drop on the boiler.so I assume that there is no leaks.any other way to verify that?

  • You're obviously dumping a lot of heat with your Delta-T and I would think that a 007 is pushing plenty of flow if the whole system is 1" pipe.. head loss would be very low on a system like that. I'd give it another day and see if it calms down.. slab startups can be rough, rough times.

    How big is the house?
  • 1954 house radiant heat issue

    I have a question on the way the boiler is piped as well,
    I was assuming that the 1 1/4" header with the 6 1" lines with the 1" gobe valves coming of it is the supply, and the plain 1 1/4" line coming out of the floor is the return,This is how the boiler is piped off now, however, after reading the post Dan sent, I think that that the opposite is true, that the 1 -1/4" pipe is the feed, and the 1-1/4" line with the 1" lines coming thru the floor is the return,I cant make out the schematics clearly on what they show, is this a correct assumption?
  • Paul Pollets
    Paul Pollets Member Posts: 3,656
    Repiping old radiant

    There are several concerns in a start-up of an old Levitt system. BTW, Joe W and I are good friends.
    1. The system must be pressurized for leak testing
    2. If the system holds 50PSI for 24hrs, than it should work...for now. Supply and return lines can be identified with a IR thermometer.
    3. The boiler must have a control and mixing device, preferably a 4 way mix valve with motor actuator to protect the new boiler from thermal shock
    4. Assumptions are only assumptions, until they've been proven by an expert in these older systems. If you repipe incorrectly, there will be problems.
    5. These systems have a limited life expectancy, and will develop leaks down the road...prepare your customer.

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  • Wow !

    You come to the premier website for heating information , not once write a " please " , or a " thank you " for any of the help in your 3 separate threads ( for the same problem ) , and you expected more than one reply in your accelerated time frame ?

    In the busiest part of the season for most in this trade ?

    I see you've got more than that one reply and these experts are trying to help you , for free , without all the info you could have given - like digital pics of the system .

    You worded this post like it's The Wall's fault the lady has heat problems for 3 days .

  • Ken_40
    Ken_40 Member Posts: 1,320

    I already answered him three times and he still has no clue.

    Go Mets ;-(

  • To everyone,I appreciate the help with the answers and responses,and i am very thankful for them, but I do not seem to be getting what i was looking for and its my fault for going to broad on of a range of questions, that i feel thamaybe im not asking them right to get the answers i am looking for, I ask alot of questions, and kind of look for quick responses, and im sorry, thats me and the way i am, wound up and hi strung....... so that is why i am starting this from the top thread and going one question at a time.I want to make resolve of this issue with the best of explanations to the customer, so.
    A) if there is something wrong with the way the oil company installed the boiler, then I can explain it to here to get them back to fix it or i will probably end up fixing it.

    B)If I can satisfactorily answer her questions and resolve the issue, it puts me at a better chance of getting her new 4400 square foot homes plumbing and radiant heating that needs to be done.

    C). I am by far not ungrateful for this site,or blaming this site for anything or any faults, and if you or anyone else is offended that I have not said thank you yet, well here it is....Thank you, I would have said it once I felt I got the answers i thought i was looking for.When I am still in the inquisitive mode and still searching till i find what i am looking for, then thankyou is not on my mind at that moment, and again, i apologize to those affended
  • Tony_23
    Tony_23 Member Posts: 1,033
    Rule # 1

    Never panic :)

    Can you tell which way the globe valves are installed ? This would tell you the direction of flow originally intended by the installer. Although, does it REALLY matter ? The flow would be the same in either direction, wouldn't it ? That's what I thought :)

    Read, think, understand.

    This is not a FA system, it has mass. Good things come to those who wait :)

    Next year, start earlier :)

  • is it the same?

    i found a real tarnished arrow but the Valves arrows are facing up away from the floor,i was under the assumption that flow is controlled and throttled with the flow coming under the seat of the valve, thus that would make this the return, and the boiler supply is being pumped into these vlaves on the stem side
  • Supply House Rick
    Supply House Rick Member Posts: 1,404
    Mr. Gronski

    It's you that has no clue. Please reconsider your career choice, this obviously is not for you.

    The Wheat
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