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Warm Air System - Problem

steve_29 Member Posts: 185
Your resetting the system when you shut it off and on.

Most systems have some sort of led trouble light...

Don't shut the system off next time and call your service company to diagnose your problem.

He'll need to read the flashing light.


  • Brad_15
    Brad_15 Member Posts: 2
    Warm Air System - Problem

    Good Monday all.

    I have what I hope to be a simple question/problem. We have a warm air system in our home. 7 years old. No problems to date. Recently, when the cold weather started, we turned on the heat for the first time. Nothing happened. I went downstairs, checked the furnace and noticed the burners weren't lit. I turned the Shut Off switch 'OFF', then 'ON', 30 seconds later. The pilot came on, the burners ignited, the house got warm. The next morning though, the heat was off again. Same scenario. Is this something simple? I have had to 'reignite' the system this way 3 times in the last 2 days with this method. Obviously, not the way I'd like to go through the winter!

    Thank you all in advance!
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    there are quite a few things that may create that effect....

    some as simple as flipping a switch, others more in depth that require lots of tools. if you have air conditioning you would know if the thermostat was changed recently or any new variables such as clothing or cluttering were piled up around the furnace over the summer....or if you had a new washer and dryer installed ...or the make up air was sided over this year. things like that are not naturally intuitive to someone removed from the site . i mention these things as they are an example of the range of influences as it were.

    then there are things that may be working correctly that are doing what they do that also produce that effect, then there are pieces that may be going south as it were and work only through a certain range of their ability.

    often a tech can think it through and test the parameters with tools and instruments that might not be in your garage.
  • Brad_15
    Brad_15 Member Posts: 2


    Thank you for your input. There has been nothing new added to the house or changed since the last heating season. If anything, the storage around the unit has been reduced. There is nothing within 5 feet of the furnace. I guess what I'm wondering is - why does it cut off? I haven't timed things out yet to determine 'when' it cuts off. I know that most recently when I turned it on, I checked 1 hour later and things were still normal, meaning it was heating/blowing. I know in that time that it had reached the desired thermostat temperature. I change the filter every 30 days regardless of the season.
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